Magically Delicious: 2018 Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Those Lucky Charms were onto something...there's something magical about unicorns...which is probably why marshmallow unicorns are now a fixture inside every Lucky Charms cereal box.

October is a fun month--specifically if you're into Halloween & fun/spooky festivities. Luckily, I have a bunch of Halloween/magical theme posts coming out this month & one being pet-inspired costumes for your pets. 

Obviously, if you're a dog mom/dad {or cat mom/dad}you probably {at least once} dressed up your furry babies...if I can recall,  Riley & Bentley were a pumpkin, Red Baron pilot, baseball players, & the Beast from Beauty & the Beast for Halloween's past...This year, while you'll have to wait until Monday, October 29th to see Riley's you can take inspiration from Bentley {& the products below} to dress your animals up for All Hallow's Eve.

This older blog post was my favorite costume they wore, here as well as this Beauty & the Beast post, here.


Bentley's costume is so simple--a hat from Target's pet line this year & a pink tee. 

Be sure to tag me in any Instagram photos {@Katelynchef} you post of your pets dressed up this year as I want to see!

This Year's Pet Halloween Costume Picks: 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is hands down the cutest costume idea!! I really need to get my Riley from wearing just Halloween sweaters to costumes STAT! Can't wait to see this years costume -xo