Old School. New School. Back-to-School Vibes

Old School is the New New School---make sense?

Everything that was thriving back in the day {looking at you, the 90s'} is thriving right now.  Personally, I am loving it, however, I feel as if there is a fine line of adding 'throw-back' vibes to your style & not looking like you got dressed at a rummage sale.

My tip to adding a bit of new vintage vibes to your back-to-class #ootd is to blend it with versatile & timeless pieces.

For example, if you're rocking a retro tee, I try to pair it with a pair of timeless tennis-shoes or simple/delicate jewelry.

Cool vintage-inspired shades or glasses tie the old & new together. Hey, that's just me thou! 

If you're digging this 'Canceled Plans' tee it's from Daisy Natives & super soft by-the-way. Unfortunately, I've had these shorts since the 12th grade of high school, but hey, they're back in style--just can link'em for you!

Keeping with the 'old school' theme

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  1. Wish I would have been this cool for school! Love that cute bag~!