I'd 'Like' That: Why I Feel Authentic Social Engagement Is Important

Oh, the power of a "like' on social media {Instagram} these days is both influential & in my opinion a little over-rated--these days anyway.

Liking {& commenting} on the pictures that appear in your feed is a pretty powerful thing--yep, just one double tap {maybe a sweet comment} can really make or break a blogger/influencer/photographer/creative makers' day & bottom line.

 💛On Instagram @Katelynchef 💛

In an industry that's driven so much by engagement, I make it a priority to like & interact with the photos that appear in my feed--even the ones that end with #ad--why? Well, by doing so, you're supporting someone's dream, side-hustle, career, & creativity. If the photo's in my feed, I am following that person, because I like what they're putting out there--so, why wouldn't I want to engage?

Personally, I choose to engage authentically & genuinely want to support the other creatives that appear in my feed--that's why I follow them after all. 

'trendsetter' mini muffin eater...😂

My motto is to engage with my followers as well as those who I follow--even if it's a short little note or a quick compliment. Doing so, because I want to, not because I am being obligated to....from experience, I know how much every like & comment means to me & I want to spread that to others too.

 To me, this makes it/blogging worth more now & hopefully down the road.

Fingers crossed!


  1. AGREE! And I'm always here for your pics, love seeing them in my feed! They are always out of the box and eye catching



    1. thanks so much!!! it's the way it should be for sure!!!/Katelyn