Hello {Kitty} Autumn

There's truth in what they say--seasons come & seasons go. Transitioning between one season to another can be as effortless as slipping into cozy UGG boots. However, switching seasons can also be as difficult as slipping into skinny jeans after a weekend of 'treating yourself.'

Living in the Northeast, we/I experience all of the seasons--although springs are turning into extended winters & some autumns are prolonged summers--at least one day in each season you get the full effect of what spring, summer, fall, & winter is really like.

I've come to the conclusion that I would not care if I never saw another winter--meaning extreme cold, snow, ice, sleet--you name it--winter. Done!

Tuleste Fuzzy Earrings {c/o}

Converse x Hello Kitty shoes {c/o}

Truly, I'd be 100 percent a-okay with that. This thought has brought on another thought--if I were to move where would I move to?

Honestly, I have no idea! I like spring, summer, & yes, fall--so if I move to say to California there'd be none of that. I like New England, but the winters are even worse there. So, here's my answer to this seasonal game I play with myself--if money was not an issue {I work remote so there's no issue w/ a job} I'd travel--especially during the colder months.

I picture myself & holiday-elsewhere-experience to be a lot like Kate Winslet's character, Iris in The Holiday movie. Although, it'd be a sad goodbye leaving her picturesque English countryside cottage--I'd share every exuberant emotion leaving the cold behind & heading for the Hollywood Hills. Literally.

So, basically, my life's goal is live as one does in one of Nancy Meyers' Films {Something's Gotta Give is my ALL-time favorite} LOL, but that's just my thoughts on fall as it's here & I am bracing for another winter--it's coming-ha!

Mark my word, I'll be visiting {ahem Holidaying} in California, embracing my inner Iris soon. Simply pretending Nancy Meyers wrote the script with me in mind. 💕

Outfit Details:

Have you been shopping Target's new throw-back-collection, Wild Fable? I really love it as it reminds me a lot of the television show characters & what they wore growing up in the 90s'. Also, I can recall wearing similar styles as well as having Barbie dolls dress in that style too--a lot of crop-tops & funky plaids. Plus, my life was just one big scrunchie, lol.

& to my feet, Converse x Hello Kitty is another stellar throwback collection. The kindly sent me the pair I am wearing here ðŸ’–--note Hello Kitty's face on the shoes' back. This particular Converse comes in pink too!

Lastly, my earrings {yes, they're clips} are from Tuleste--they're basically adorable!

Shop My Fave Shoes From the Collection Below: 


  1. We have Fall here in CA..but it usually comes late..like in December :) Love these cute pics!! Happy Monday friend -XO



  2. So cute; all these pics and your outfit! I'm definitely with you, winter isn't my thing - at all. Happy (almost) fall!
    - Meg | livingasunnylife.com

  3. Holidaying in SoCal sounds perfect to me!!! haha. I love the snow but only for a little bit. If I could travel, I would definitely love to see different seasons anytime of the year.