My Insta Story Tips & Secrets

Hey Everyone...

So, I have been thinking about writing a post about how  'I  put together my Insta Stories' as it's always changing--BUT one thing remains the same--I do spend time putting them together & finding new ways to improve upon them.

If you're following me on Instagram {@Katelynchef} you know I post stories pretty much daily & I try to keep them consistent in theme, style, & fun. Insta Stories {for me} has an even bigger reach to gaining more readers than my actual Instagram posts--especially when I add a hashtag or two!

So, here are some of my tricks & how I make my IG Stories pop...


My most used IG Story Apps are Hype Text, Canva, & I also use A Design Kit.

Hype Text

I started using this app before every blogger really got on the bandwagon, but if you're really creative {cropping in other apps} there's a lot you can do to your images to make them different than the rest. First, I suggest making the app purchase to remove the logo--not only do I not like to see any app logo in anything I use {if I can help it} but for the price of $1.99 it also opens different fonts too. Lastly, I typically add music to my Insta Stories--it gives the story something special & it's really easy with Hype Text {remeber to stick to stories only}. A little music tip, I often stick with jazz or instrumental music because what if someone just hates that song you added? You know what they'll do--skip right past your story & that's the end of that!


This app is great as I use the Story pre-set size option. Basically, you can customize your font & images & upload to your Stories--super easy!

A Design Kit

This is a new app by the same makers of a Color Story. It's pretty good thus far {I imagine they'll be making tweaks to make it better} but I like it for the texturized background options and sparkly fonts. It's not a free app, but if you care about creating beautiful IG Stories it's worth the $1.99. They also have stickers & cute overlays you can add to your designs too!

Font Candy

I don't use this app a ton, but every now & again it's nice to switch up fonts as they have animated text options & seasonal designs you can add. There is an option for sizing so you're making your design the right size for stories.

Also, if you have any movie editing apps--I have the GoPro Quick Stories they make for unique & fun methods to sharing snippets of 'cinema-like' movies to your Stories. In Quick Stories, there's an option to switch to the Insta Story frame size--pretty neat!

Also, InShot & CutStory are good apps to try when playing around with videos in your Stories.

Post-Times & Hashtags  

Posting to Insa Stories {I feel} is a little more chill than figuring out a good time to post to your actual grid. I don't just post all my stories at one time & call it a day. Instead, I spread it over over the day {depending on what I am doing}. Typically, I post in the morning, afternoon, & sometime around or before 8 p.m. 

Hashtags & tagging people/brands have had a huge effect on how many times my Stories get viewed. You can add up to 10 #s in your Stories--I keep it to 2-3 #s but it really works. For example, Wednesdays, I typically poll or post something about getting excited about Riverdale on the CW. Just using #Riverdale ups my views by over 600! Helen from Helen Inbetween wrote an article about IG Stories & says that tagging other bloggers & brands can up your Story views by 56%. 

Pretty Penmanship 

An easy hack for pretty handwriting on Stories is to use a stylus! It makes it so much easier--actually, Kate from Lonestar Southerner gave me that idea with her post. 

If you're still looking for ways to prettify your Stories here are a few articles that helped me!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips! Yours are always the most creative stories in my feed!


  2. So interesting to read... I've never used hashtags, but I'm definitely going to start! Thanks for all the tips!!
    - Meghan |

  3. You have such great stories- these tips are wonderful!

  4. OMG I am so behind on reading all my favorite blogs so I don't know when this happened, but I LOVE the new blog layout!!! About to binge read some of your posts :)

    ps love this! I honestly like insta stories more than actually scrolling through the feed haha

    Lauren Lindmark |