Eat Your Greens: St. Patrick's Day Green Treat: Pistachio Pudding Tarts

What Do you call an Irish Jig at McDonald's?
 Any Guesses? Okay...
A Shamrock Shake! 

Shamrocks, green beer, corn beef & cabbage & yes, Shamrocks Shakes are in season as it's St. Patrick's Day.

I know that some really get into the holiday--green hair & all, but really sometimes I wear green & other years I forget too. This year, I decided to get festive--you know, for the blog & make something green & still good--Pistachio Pudding Tarts.

Here, I didn't die anything green. Instead, I just purchased the Jell-O brand pistachio pudding mix & the mini Keebler Elf gram cracker pies in their individual tins. 

Basically, follow the pudding mixture directions & once the pudding has set/formed fill in each mini pie tin & you're good to go. Top with whip cream or a cherry & it's probably fewer calories than a Shammy Shake!

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Irish Who?
Irish wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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  1. Love your style writing + jokes - so fun to read!!
    Xx, Meghan |

  2. The pictures are SO cute in this post!! All of the fun colors make me so happy :) Happy St Patrick's Day!