Happy Spring! DIY Rain Boot Planter

Happy Spring! Are you OVER THE MOON that winter can finally {techinally} be called dead & over?!

I am! Getting ready for spring activities & projects...I quickly wanted to share how I painted a pair of plastic rain boots {inspired by Hunters} to a small desk planter. Currently, they have fake flowers in them, but I think little pansies or a succulent would last planted inside...plus, they were really easy to make.

You'll Need:

-Ceramic or Plastic Boots {Here's What I Painted}
-Paint/Spray Paint {I Used Hot Pink Short Cuts}
-Ribbon {Optional if you want to add a bow on the shoe's back} This option is a perfect size

So I was originally inspired by Devon Foster's {Girl in Gingham} blog post called DIY: MINI Hunter Boots were she turned little ceramic boots into Hunter book ends--really cute!

For my planter version--basically, paint your boots color of choice & add a white square design in the front with puff white paint {so it looks like the Hunter logo on the front}

I made tiny bows {leftover from my DIY Bow Clip project} which is cute as it reminds me of the Lauren James rain boots.

Once everything is dry--display anywhere you like! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest!