Summer Skin

Whether it's the sun, the pool, sunscreen, or just the heat of the summertime I am always looking for ways to purge {lol} my pores & rejuvenate my skin. Maybe you can relate to summer & either dry skin, dull complexion, or a little detox for you & your skin.

I have found that masks either quick five minutes to 20 minutes ones really do provide relief at a relatively affordable price.

So, here I wanted to share a few masks {both paper & clay masks} that I really do like.

In this post, I'm sharing a few of my favorite Patchology products, but before so, I am also liking the Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Mud Charcoal Paper Mask {I buy it from Target & my skin always illuminates afterward}.  Also, a few random charcoal clay masks from like Tj Maxx & Marshalls.
However, moving on to Patchology here's a few of what I love...

{*Reader note, that this post was sponsored by Patchology. However, all opinions are my own*}

Illuminate skin with a boost of Vitamin C,  Licorice, & Grapefruit Seed

- SmartMud Detox Mask: This is my favorite 'Masque' in their collection--as it's a mud mask, but it's not messy at all! It only takes ten mins, but I leave mine on a little longer & it kind of drys to your skin, but upon removing you can virtually feel the impurities lifted out of your pores.

-FlashPatch Eye Revive: These are super quick & kind of fun to apply under your eyes. They're like a gel pad that you place under your eye for only 5 mins! Afterward, your skin underneath eyes do feel less tired and brighter--It comes from a quick caffeine boost that's suppose to help with puffiness and luminous skin tone.

-Lip Renewal FlashPatch: These are similar to the eye patches, but it's literally a patch for your lips. Within five minutes, your lips are hydrated & feel less dry! Plus, they're kind of fun to use!

I hope these quick skin fixes inspire you to try some & relax. If you have preferred facial masks let me know either below or on Instagram @katelynchef

To try Patchology for yourself use code: KATELYNCHEF for 25% Off 


  1. I need a lip renewal right now, most definitely. Summer always is so harsh on my lips!


  2. Need to try these! Love finding new beauty products :)

    Lauren Lindmark |

  3. They look like such great products! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jennifer

  4. I need to try your picks!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  5. These all look so great! I have been wanting to try out some masks. I definitely will try to find the Yes to Tomatoes mask next time I am at Target. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Everything sounds great but I think I would need the eye reviver the most!! My bags are getting so bad from not sleeping a lot!