Nantucket Bucket List!

Happy August! I am so excited that I finally will be able to visit the Nantucket, MA. If you're a regular blog reader here {thank you btw!} or follow me on Instagram {@Katelynchef} you know that I have always had a love for all things coastal--Nantucket!

Below, I am sharing a bit of what I hope to see, do, eat, shop while I am there. I am most excited for photography opportunities--the gray shakes on the buildings and the bushes of hydrangeas have me over the moon with excitement!

Haha, & what would it be without lobster? If you've ever been there leave a comment on what you'd recommend!  🐚


  1. I've always wanted to go there!! Bucket list for sure!


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  3. Your bucket list/itinerary looks like so much fun, I hope you're able to do it all! Have a wonderful time, girlie!



  4. Ohhhh how fun!! I've always wanted to go so I'll live vicariously through you hehe. Don't forget to post lots of photos!!!


  5. Getting sooo jealous that you are going to Nantucket! I want to go so bad, it sounds like you are going to have so much fun :)

    Lauren |