Sippin' Starbucks the Festive Way

Image created via Pic Collage
Did ya hear!? The red cups are back! They have been back since November First! It's officially the Holiday Season when bloggers & shoppers are sporting Starbuck's seasonal red cups.

However, do you have a hard time deciding what to fill your cup of cheer with? There are plenty of festive drink options that the coffee giant offers--everything from a Gingerbread Latte to a Honey Almond Hot Chocolate can be chosen.

Look no further as The Yellow Spectacles has picked three seasonal Starbucks flavors for yo to start sipping now--hurry as soon as Santa flies up the last chimney they'll be gone!

A Starbucks favorite made with authentic eggnog, steamed milk, whipped cream, & nutmeg garnished on top!  

Sugar free peppermint & mocha syrup with whipped cream & red sprinkles!

A hint of chestnut & chocolate mixed with steamed milk/espresso & completed with whipped cream!