A Gossip Girl Inspired Holidaze with Katie Bowhead Designs

While Queen B, S, Lonely Boy, Little J, Nate, V, & Chuck have all gone their separate ways with the ending of the CW's hit show, Gossip Girl a few years back--the show's characters {& juicy scandals} live on forever in our hearts--not too mention we can relive the six scandalous seasons on Netflix too!

Generations past & present still relate & quote the show's witty humor & mimic GG's well-dressed style. Queen B aka Blair Waldorf's preppy clad style & iron fist ruling of New York's elite Upper East Side is still very much influential in the fashion & blogging world. In fact, preppy bloggers often ask themselves, What Would Blair Waldorf Do? {WWBWD}

Queen B Bracelet
Since it's the Holidaze, you'll want to stick around for a Gossip Girl Stocking Stuffer Inspired Treat featuring the lovely designs from The Katie Bowhead Designs designed by Kaitlin Kendall.

Currently, Kaitlin Kendall has a slew of glittered, pink, striped, jeweled, & sparkling selection of bows, bracelets, ornaments, headbands--you name it on her Etsy shop!

"If you really want something you don't stop for anything or anyone until you get it"-Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl. 

Luckily, The Yellow Specs was able to get a few Gossip Girl inspired accessories from her Etsy Shop just in time for Christmas.

Paris is Always a Good Idea!

While Blair dreams of Tiffany pearls to fill up her Lavin luxe stocking--I'm thinking that a few bow-t-ful bracelets from Kaitlin's shop will suffice. & I am not just gossiping here...see for yourself.

Kaiti adds extra glam touches with all her unique product packaging 

Visit Kaiti's Etsy Shop for all things Gossip Girl 

Xo. Xo-TYS.

Happy HoliDaze.

Merci Kaiti 


  1. I must confess I still haven't watched this show. It's been sitting in my Netflix list of things to watch for months, but I still haven't sat down and took the plunge.- Hopefully soon! Love all of these!

  2. I finally broke down and watched a few episodes of GG, and I can honestly say that this post is spot on! That print is to die for!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

    1. I am so glad you are watching it! I hope you love it! Thanks for reading Tori. xoxoxo-Katelyn

  3. Love your blog girl! I just started following you on Bloglovin, would love it if you'd follow me back :D. (I'm: radishtowear)! Love from the Netherlands. X Sophie

    1. Hey there Sophie! I just emailed you and yep, I am a follower! xo-Katelyn