Ornaments just maybe the best Holiday decoration ever inventive. Each one is unique, festive, personable, & cheerful as the next. No matter your personal taste, interests, hobbies, home decor style, and flare there is an ornament out there for you.

Not too mention that ornaments have multi-purpose uses.

From Target

What I like to use ornaments for:

  • Filling bowls/glass topiaries
  • Gift toppers
  • Place card settings
  • Gifts
  • Garland embellishing 
  • Tree trimming {duh}   
  • Light fixture attachments {dangling}

Without further delay, here are a few ornaments that I was inspired by this Holiday Season--feel free to shop the links and bring a little twinkle into your home too!

Pastels & Gold 

A Snow-Friend!

Happy Holidays!


  1. The little lipstick ornaments are adorable! I also like using ornaments to fill bowls for decorating around the house.