Black {Fuchsia} Friday with Marley Lilly

If its not moving, MONOGRAM IT!
Black Friday. It sounds just as scary {& daunting} as it can actually be. Swarms of hurried, stressed shoppers looking for limited quantity deals.

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Both bustling shoppers {& retailers} are up in the wee hours of the morning, running on false hope, adrenaline, & Starbucks.

However, Black Friday doesn't have to be this way. Obviously, you believe this too since you came to The Yellow Specs on the most busiest shopping day of the year.

Going forward, lets scratch the name Black Friday & call it Fuchsia Friday, because The Yellow Spectacles has teamed up with the one-stop-monogram-shop, Marley Lilly to bring you some seasonal {& personalized} sales/deals. No waiting inline is required!

Free gift with $100.00 Purchase!
Thanksgiving has passed {although I am still full} & now, its 100% Holiday go-time. To me, the best gift{s} are the ones with the most thought. What better way to say, I really thought about you than by giving something monogramed?

ML is sold exclusively online out of South Carolina
I know, you're stumped--there isn't a better gift! Marley Lilly really has the thoughtful gift giving thing in the {Santa's} sack.

They have a selection from fleece monogramed vests all the way down to customized chic car key rings. ML is just as affordable as they are stylish.

My monogram vest is a size Medium 
The best part is that ML is in the Fuchsia {Black} Friday spirit by offering a FREE blanket scarf with any $100.00 purchase. There will be three blanket scarves to pick from!

In this post, I was gifted with ML's Monogram Vest in Dark Green with White monograming.
It's a super soft, heavy, warm, & durable fleece material made from 100% polyester. My favorite aspect {aside from the monogram} is that the vest has two outside zipped pockets, big enough to hold my keys & phone. Plus, there are also two interior pockets.

Soft & Cozy
If green isn't your color, the vests come in everything from pink to white. I just maybe sporting this as I test the shopping crowds later on today.

Do yourself a holiday favor-- stay indoors, eat a turkey sandwich, & do your Fuchsia {Black} Friday shopping online with Marley Lilly.

While you're at it, feel free to buy yourself a little monogram happiness--I have my eye one sparkly pineapple monogram necklace!  

Happy Shopping & best of luck!

To keep up with Marley Lilly Sales {Cyber Monday is coming} follow them on Instagram. & To better your monograming chops click, HERE for a monograming style guide


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