Greatful for Target & Plaid

Threshold Stuffed Deer Head

Are you prepping your table & home for Thanksgiving 2015? Frantically, are your fretting on what to dress your home, table{s}, lines, & decor in?

No worries, TYS was was inspired to host the idea of a Thanksgiving Day Plaid Party {with a little help from Target} & their plaid the best way possible!

If you have been inside a Target store lately {or the past month 1/2} you already noticed that they have went a bit mad with plaid. I am not complaining, as plaid is a great print for the colder months.

Mostly, Target's plaid comes from their latest store/designer collaboration, with designer, Adam Lippes. Lippes, a New York based designer has a mini plaid infused line at the bull's eye store consisting of home goods, clothing, apparel, & pet products.

Mostly, these items come in checkerboards of reds, blues, gray, black, & white. All of which are very seasonal. Feel free to shop this holiday plaid post & take inspiration to a few plaid essentials I picked up at my local Target.

Aside from Lippes' line, Target's Threshold brand has a cute selection of basically plaid anything.

Seasonal Threshold Mugs
Target is the only place where you can find bath/beauty essentials such as Listerine in a plaid bottles/packaging. Genius!

Gourds Make for a Great Centerpiece 

From The Yellow Spectacles, have a very Happy & Hearty Thanksgiving!

Shop for your plaid below!


  1. I love Target and plaid. & I saw the plaid Listerine the other day and thought it was such cute packaging! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Me too Cara, They had plaid lim balm packaging at one point too!-Happy Thanksgiving-Katelyn xox