Festive Monogram Votives

With the holidays whizzing in & out many things need to be done. Tables need to be set. Moods need to be made. Long relaxing baths need to be taken. Enough said.

The Cellar Gold Monogram Votives 

This is where festive {fancy} votives come into play.

This post was/is inspired by a golden votive display at Macy's with their Cellar brand initial votives in the color combinations of gold & tope. Of course, I purchased a 'K' votive, but wouldn't these candle holders be lovely spelling out 'Noel' or 'Merry' in the center of a festive dinner table?

I certainly think so, but you can see the below & pick one for yourself!


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    1. Cara, yay! Glad you liked it! Hopefully, you're enjoying the start of the holiday season too!-Katelyn