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Be My Galentine ft. Munki Munki

January 30, 2017

Galentine's Day {Urban Dictonary} is ''February 13th, the other half of Valentine's Day when you celebrate your love for your lady friends.'' AKA A day to have fun with your besties! 
Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that you either love or you could probably care less about. If you're like me--you like to just focus on the pink, glitter, & fun crafting possibilities while you wait for the price of flowers to drop back down to reasonable.  

However, Galentine's Day is just a fun way for you to have fun with your gal pals & partake in extra girly activities such as pink hot chocolate & DIY Valentine cards. 

This post is in collaboration with the wickedly cute PJ / loungewear company, Munki Munki I am sharing some cute ways/tips for you to have your own Galentine's Day w/ your besties.

In this post, I am wearing their Sail Away With Me jersey set PJs--they have little ships with octopuses lurking in the water---ah, so cute!  

DIY Valentine's Inspired by Vineyard Vines' Pink Whale {to match the nauti jammies}

 💜 Galentine's Day Tips/Ideas:

  • DIY Card Station 💄
  • Balloon Bar aka lots of Balloons on hand!🎈
  • Confetti popcorn snacks {recip here}🎀
  • Pink Hot Chocolate {recipe here} 🍫
  • Assorted Chocolate to keep on-hand 🍪
Munki Munki Pajamas 

So, will you be celebrating Galentine's Day? Let me know below or on Instagram @katelynchef.

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Winter Time ft. Port of McCall

January 26, 2017

Ugh, winter...can you just not? Comment below if you too have the winter blues....Turning a negative into a positive I am taking my 'blues' and pairing them with bright pink--you know, to make winter go by in a quick wink.

Light Pink, White, & Navy Band 
Aside from my {really} bright neon turtleneck I 've paired it with my new favorite watch {you'll be seeing it more & more} from Port of McCall.

Aside from the large easy to read watch face & the beautiful fabric band {interchangable} selections my favorite aspect of the company is that it's a husband & wife run business {N. Carolina} & they make their watches here in the USA.

Thank You, Port of McCall for Sponsoring this post!
Of course, you can read more about that here & shop their beautiful watches here. The current band I am wearing is called, The Pearle's Cove N.AT.O Strap w/ POMs41 V.1  ⛴

Just to mention, aside from the high watch quality and 1-year warranty 😉  the band itself has a lot of holes so it can go as big or small as you like. My wrists are so small--so I have a hard time finding watches that can go small enough, lol champagne problem but seriously.

"Every wrist should look this good!"-Port of McCall

Port of McCall has both men's & women's watches/follow them on Instagram & Facebook 

& to learn more about my tote see this past blog post/here

Unicorn Hot Chocolate ft. Painted Fox

January 23, 2017

You know it, it's hot chocolate season-Unicorn Hot Chocolate Season to be precise.

Making Unicorn Hot Chocolate is easier than you think {see the below} & after you've served the last cup and it's time to dry & put the mugs away--a clever drying rack--like this one featured on Painted Fox is the way to go.  🍫

🌸  Recipe: 

-Strawberry Milk {microwaved for about 1 min 20 secs}

-Colorful Marshmallows

- Sprinkles

-Fun Straws

- Enjoy!

🌸 Farmhouse Dry Rack/Painted Fox  🌸

Unicorn Hot Chocolate 


Farmhouse Dry Rack 

Keep up with Painted Fox on Instagram & Twitter for all of your home & accessory needs--they literally are a one-stop online home inspired destination!

Links I Wrote & You'll Love'Em!

January 19, 2017

What does Iridescent Home Decor items, Snow Day DIYs, & Hot Chocolate all have in common?
I'll tell you--these are a few of the topics I have written for Teen Vogue, Brit + Co, & Martha Stewart's websites. Below, I hope you'll give each link a read & let me know your thoughts--you know, in case you're seeking some cozy reading material this weekend!

PS I am really excited about my 2nd Teen Vogue Piece!

Teen Vogue: 💖

Brit + Co: 💛

Martha Stewart: 💖

Happy Weekend, see you Monday, for a Special Galentine's Day Post. 

Sticker Crush ft. Sticker App

January 16, 2017

Color plays a big part in our lives & a big part in mine. This is especially true when I went to start a blog--for the tenth time as nothing beforehand really seemed to stick.

I am not sure why, but upon graduating from college & feeling in a rut I found myself weary of negative vibes. Alas, looking down at a pair of yellow D & G glasses--aka The Yellow Spectacles, I was inspired to adopt a whole new life outlook. 😀

Sticker App

From that point on, I promised myself to always {no matter how hard} to think the positive first & look/live life on the sunny side. Blogging under the name The Yellow Spectacles has not only expanded my interest, friends {um, you GUYS!}, and overall self-esteem--but--it has turned into a new outlook on life.

2016 has been a turning point for my writing career & I am thinking the best of thoughts for 2017--bring on those yellow sunny vibes!

Customize your sticker

Which leads me to these fun stickers I designed with the {awesome} assistance from Sticker App. Of course, you'll notice my yellow spectacles, but you'll also see my all time favorite flower {slightly obessed} hydrangeas.

You can totally customize your stickers & if you need so design assistance they are there to do so-I highly recommend--basically, I am just soooo in love with mine I kinda want to hoard them all to myself! 😋

Follow me on Instagram @KatelynChef to see how you can get a sticker & thank you so much for popping by.

Confetti Thank You Cards DIY ft.The Confetti Bar

January 12, 2017

I am no Emily Post & being a freelance writer I say 95% of the writing I do is on a keyboard---However, I am a BIG believer in the power of a Thank You card. 💜

Whenever a brand {or anyone for that matter} gifts me something I am sure to send them a thank you note. I just feel like it's the right thing to do--Plus, there are so many cute paper products out there today which makes it all the more fun!💖

 💜 Confetti Via: The Confetti Bar 💜

💖  Bracelets Via TRRTLZ 💖
Recently, you'll recall my NYE Party Popper post DIY ft. The Confetti Bar....Well, it's post-NYE & I still have confetti left!

Maybe you do too? If so, you can totally repurpose it to make Thank You cards....Here's How:

💜 You'll Need: 💜

- Blank cards

- Leftover confetti

- Double sided tape

The steps are pretty basic after you write your message {I recommend this1st) use your double sided tape to sticky-up the bottom of your card.

Next, dip the sticky part into a bag of confetti & ta-da! You're done!

💜  Thank You, TRRTLZ for the bracelets! 💜

Easy Peasy--Happy Crafting!

Chappy New Year: ft. Chappy Happy

January 9, 2017

Surviving winter really is an art form as it's tough on basically everything from your shoes, skin, & car. However, unless you live in an eternal sunshine state it's pretty hard to escape.

Cozy Scarves 💛

Therefore, inside my Chappy Happy {a ''classic coastal style-clothing, bags, & accessories''} Out & About Basket I have added a few my outdoor winter essentials...Because whether it's winter or not as
Chappy Happy would say, ''Let Life Smile." 😁

Trapper Hats 💛

Chappy Happy White Glass Whale Tale Bracelet 

Duck Boots 💛

Thank You, Chappy Happy for Sponsoring this post! 

Plus, I am all for kindness & generosity/Chappy Happy is too as you can request a FREE sticker & they'll send it out to you with the hopes you'll do something kind for someone else! 

Be sure to follow Chappy Happy on Instagram & Twitter to always stay happy! 

When It Snows: Wear Bows ft. Gina Made It

January 5, 2017

It's January. Are you in a mid-winter thaw or stuck in a frozen tundra state? Regardless of the weather, temps, & participation my motto is when it snows: wear bows.

The b&w plaid bow featured in this post is actually from Gina Made It where yep, she makes all kinds of hair accessories {ranging in various forms of bows} from headbands to pretty hair ties.

See More Bow Inspo w/ Gina on Instagram @Ginamadeit 

Snow isn't my favorite so when you have something fun to pair it with makes the weather a little more bearable.

Have a great weekend & see ya back here Monday! ❤

Happy New Year: Ft. Blue Sky Planners

January 2, 2017

It's official, Happy 2017! Cue the confetti & New Year Good Fortune. 🎉🎉  Aside from confetti & hopeful wishes for love, luck, & success within the New Year there is also the desire to get organized.

Blue Sky Planners: Twitter @blueskyplannershttps://twitter.com/blueskyplanners/

No matter if you are an already organized kind of person or sort-of need a bit of help in that department --- The New Year brings the opportunity for you to either tweak your organizing skill. Or you know, better your organizing game.

Blue Sky Planner was kind enough to let me customize a large 2017 planner. If you notice, I chose the B & W stripe design & had the name of my blog scripted on the front. Too cute right? 💕

Aside from customizing the size & cover I also got to add fun elements to the inside of my planner, adding pockets, stickers, & so on. Fun fact, you can even personalize the font {script & color} on the front of your designs too. 💓

You can view more of their designs {they're endless} that Blue Sky has to offer here. I also got to customize a small notebook which I had ''Good Thoughts'' printed on the front.

For the most part, I stay pretty organized & my advice to starting the New Year off to a fresh start would be to totally declutter & clean your workspace. By workspace I mean, desk, draws, files, & even the documents/files on your computer.

You'll be so surprised at how good you'll feel {& be able to concentrate} with a clean & refreshed workspace.


Share your Blue Sly designs with the #blueskyplanners on Instagram & Twitter 

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