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Winter Time ft. Port of McCall

January 26, 2017

Ugh, winter...can you just not? Comment below if you too have the winter blues....Turning a negative into a positive I am taking my 'blues' and pairing them with bright pink--you know, to make winter go by in a quick wink.

Light Pink, White, & Navy Band 
Aside from my {really} bright neon turtleneck I 've paired it with my new favorite watch {you'll be seeing it more & more} from Port of McCall.

Aside from the large easy to read watch face & the beautiful fabric band {interchangable} selections my favorite aspect of the company is that it's a husband & wife run business {N. Carolina} & they make their watches here in the USA.

Thank You, Port of McCall for Sponsoring this post!
Of course, you can read more about that here & shop their beautiful watches here. The current band I am wearing is called, The Pearle's Cove N.AT.O Strap w/ POMs41 V.1  ⛴

Just to mention, aside from the high watch quality and 1-year warranty 😉  the band itself has a lot of holes so it can go as big or small as you like. My wrists are so small--so I have a hard time finding watches that can go small enough, lol champagne problem but seriously.

"Every wrist should look this good!"-Port of McCall

Port of McCall has both men's & women's watches/follow them on Instagram & Facebook 

& to learn more about my tote see this past blog post/here


  1. That's a great idea to turn the winter blues into positive! Pink is perfect to do so!

  2. These colors are the best way to get a head start on spring! I'm over winter too...bring on the brights!!


  3. Yes, sooooo well, over winter-bye Felicia -lol--Katelyn