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Gingham Style: Elizabeth Wilson Designs

September 29, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all. As you may know, I am a spring/summer kind of girl, but I often swoon for fun fall prints like yes, gingham. I am so excited to share this gingham {navy} ruffle top post with you as it's by my favorite designer --Elizabeth Wilson Designs. Remember her name.

Quay Australia Sunglasses  

Color Options

I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth two times prior & if you don't know EWD then let me just say, she is like the Lilly Pulitzer of ruffles & gingham prints-truly!

The most amazing thing about Elizabeth is that she is starting design school-like now, but already designs, sews, & creates like a pro.

Elizabeth's new Fall 2016 line arrives in her shop, Oct 15th! I am wearing the gingham Katherine Top. Buyer's note, since Elizabeth is the head designer, boss babe, & college co-ed it does that a while for your order to come, but as you can tell from this top alone--100% percent worth it.

If you love gingham let me know in the comments below!  Follow Elizabeth on IG @elizabethwilsondesigns #EWD #Elizabethwilsondesigns

Fall's A Shore Thing: Ft. Shore Bags

September 26, 2016

If you ask me aside from pumpkins, pumpkin flavors, sweater weather, & yummy scented fall candles the other best part about fall is the foliage. After all, like the flowers in the spring time, the peak fall leaf season last only a couple blinks of an eyelash.

I was doing a little research trying to figure out the best peak leaf season & I stumbled across this chart from Smokey . It lets you can move the scale from now to the end of November & it will tell you the peak fall foliage time frame for each part of the U.S.

Boots {similar}
Pretty handy if you want to pack up, go for a hike, & snap some fall weather pictures in your neck-of-the-woods.

Speaking of packing, I am doing so in my monogrammed Shore City Shopper's Tote. You can visit Shore Bags here {I have my eye on their cute duffles} for all their fun bags as well as travel cosmetic totes.

My favorite part about the company is that all of their goods are monogram-able!

Metal Shades
City Shopper Tote
I have too much-monogrammed things--says no one ever! Ha Ha. Happy Fall Foliage Hunting!!

Social w/Shore Bags: Twitter @loveshorebags / IG @Shorebags / Facebook/ Email:

See you Thursday for a fun fall fashion post!

Autumn Staples ft. Jord Wood Watches

September 22, 2016

Happy. Happy. Happy Official First Day of Fall! For all you smarties out there, The Official First Day of Fall is also known as the autumnal equinox. Regardless, this is the time of the year when I begin my hunt for Cinderella type pumpkins. Truly, pretty greens, burnt orange, white, cream, & pale yellows  are my favorite pumpkin hues to look for.

Zebrawood & Champagne 
This year, I am wearing my new Fall 2016 Jord Wood Watch. I never actually saw a wood watch before, but the watches that Jord creates are truly a work of art. Speaking of art, each watch comes beautifully packaged in a modern wood box!

The watch seen in this post is from their Frankie Series & it's the Zebrawood & Champagne Watch. To me, nothing is better than an oversized, minimal, & timeless watch that wears well throughout the years {& hopefully, to the end of time}.

This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches 

The large open watch face is easy to glance down, read the time, & start decorating for autumn's arrival.

Just like no two pumpkins are the same neither are their watches. If you don't believe me, click here--the Purple Heart & Plum watch has captured my heart it has a pink wood stain color vibe! The watch's band is a synch to clasp to my wrist as Jord asks for your unique wrist measurement upon ordering your watch so it doesn't slip around.

Aside from actually wearing the Zebrawood & Champagne Watch, I love to see how others have styled their unique wood timepiece{s}. Of course, you can do so on Jord's Instagram feed: @woodwatches_com


JORD Wood Watch GiveAway Click HERE: Winner gets $75 e-gift code
& other entrants receive a $25 e-gift code {all automatically emailed}

Jord's other social accounts: Twitter / Facebook/ Pinterest 

So, what's the first fall thing you do once the autumnal equinox begins?

Wooden Watches Men

Fall 'Tails' Ft.: Sixteen 20 Brand

September 19, 2016

HI All! We are getting deeper & deeper into fall well, it feels that way anyways even though the first day of autumn is Thursday. Fall is a time of year when I like to take full advantage of the crisp temps and the changing  scenery.

Butts & Mutts
Riley & Bentley prefer the fall-like weather too along with the occasional leaf jump {eating}.

You'll notice that my long sleeve tee-shirt has puppies on the back! It's from a New England rooted, preppy pet loving brand named, Sixteen 20 Brand. Sixteen 20 Brand is operated by the Toy family as they share their love for adventure, nature, preppy attire, & animals in their various products-yes, a bunny is their logo!

& p.s. I am really liking these confetti / rainbow sunglasses here:{ a little different than pictured on me}

Sixteen 20 Brand Tee

Actually, this shirt {Dogtown Bunny Longsleeve} a portion of the proceeds goes toward the owner's favorited New England animal charity, Mary's Dog in New Hampshire.

So, with the fall spirit in the air, what's your go-to fall activity?

Keep up with me on Instagram @katelynchef

& Sixteen 20 Brand: IG/ Twitter/ Pinterest/ Facebook


September 15, 2016

Hi all! I know. I know. It's September & I should be dressed in plaid, flannel, & tweed. I say, there is plenty of time for all that & then some.

Skort Original/ Post Sweater Original Post  
EyeGlass Ring

Instead, I took a few of my favorite color essentials & made them into a early fall look. You'll recal this Sydney Elizabeth skort & this sweater in a early Spring'16 post.  Wasn't it THE Lilly Pulitzer who once said, "Despite the forecast, live like it's spring"? I am talking her words & running with them!

P.S. How cute is this Betsey Johnson eyeglass ring?

See U Soon! 

You Lead. I'll Follow: Gilmore Girls Revival

September 12, 2016

I am a big believer in having something to look forward to. No, it's not the same as rushing the days, weeks, months, but having something in the back of your mind to keep you happy when days are rough. That type of thing.

Ultimate GG Gift Guide

Well, I am looking forward to November 25th when Netflix airs it's anticipated, Gilmore Girl's Revival, A Year in the Life.

Yay! I know I'll be watching-what about you? & if you like the {2} calligraphy prints here they're by Lizabeth Hall/ Lizzylovesletters. & her social media feeds can be found under @lizzylovesletters    

You can get more Gilmore Girls {written by me} on Brit.Co here . I'll be sharing more on Instagram @katelynchef. See you soon!

Goodnight Post: Cute Sheets

September 8, 2016

Still in shock that it is September & not too sure how I feel about it being so...With the transition from one season to the next being in place, I am in-the-mist of doing some seasonal cleaning projects like swapping out comforters, organizing drawers, & changing up my decor / wardrobe.

Print: History in High Heels/ Sleeping Mask: {ABOVE} Sleepy Cottage

No matter the season, I change my bed weekly & I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my favorite sheet picks-the majority of the sheets I included in the shopping widget below I have or are very similar to what I use. 

I like sheets that are of course, comfy, but have a cute pattern/or color combination too. These 400 thread count /100% cotton PB Teen monogram-able sheets are so cute & I think I need them! 

So, is this just me or do you like to change things up for a new season? Let me know in the comment section!  

A Tale About The Whale Tail : Bayridge & Dock

September 5, 2016

I have the Labor Day blues & it's not because I can't wear white anymore {lol, not true!} nor because I don't like Labor Day {I love all American holidays!} It's because, summer is winding!

100% American Made
One thing that is helping to cheer me up I am sharing with you is the brand, Bayridge & Dock. They are an American Made {appropriate for Labor Day} quickly growing brand that creates nautical braided bracelets. Their designs invoke visions of a sea-inspired lifestyle. 

Nathan Wright, the founder, was kind enough to send some ropes over for me to share with all of you! One thing that makes these bracelets standout from the others is their whale tail detailing with the brand's motto, 'Sail Home' printed on the tail.

The Harbor Lights & The Channel Maker Ropes 
Bayridge & Dock was borne from the love of a preppy nautical lifestyle & driven by the passion of American made..." Bayridge Docks.   

Happy Labor Day!

Follow Bayridge Dock on Instagram & shop their bracelet collections { The Captain's Collection, The Dockline Collection, & the Sailor's Collection} here.

Links to Love: What I am Writing

September 1, 2016

Hi all! I know it's not uncommon for bloggers to write posts that share links they like or what's on their radar. Personally, I have never written a 'links to love' post. I know what's below looks like a list of links-which is true, but it's a tad different.

created via Canva 

I wanted to write a post sharing some of the links I have written for various websites. They are all entertaining, pop-culture, trends, & lifestyle related topics. So, if you should find yourself with some time to spare or have a case of insomnia feel free to click & read. If you do decide to read, please let me know your thoughts & if you would like to see another post {down the road} with future published works.

Eloise is a fave of mine! 

Happy reading & p.s. there's plenty of images too!

Of course, if you're really digging what I shared about-sharing with others is the best! See you on Monday. I am on Twitter @chef_katelyn 

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