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All American: Celebrating The Fourth of July

June 30, 2016

Who is excited for The 4th of July weekend? Do you have you hot apple pie cooling on the window-seal & your beverages of choice already chill'in in your cooler?

I hope so! The 4th is a great time to spend time outdoors, in parks, and in the pool.

It is also a fun time to breakout your red, white, & blue apparel--whether you decide to do so liberally or frankly go all out in your USA best.

Personally, I prefer wearing traditional, well-known American brands/designers like Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger. To me, they remind me of the classic prep style & what it would be like {I imagine} to summer in the Hamptons, LOL.

In this post, I did take The 4th of July theme literally--with a fun Star-Spangled-Banner inspired shirt & fireworks shorts.

Red, White, & Bow
Adding fun mirror sunglasses, and over-sized bow, & canvas navy sneakers is my tribute to the red, white, & blue.

However, I have picked out a few of my RL favs below...check-it-out!

Happy Fourth! Happy Birthday America. xo.


I Like My Food Mickey Mouse Shaped: 2nd Blog-iversary Edition!!

June 27, 2016

Hello! Thanks so much for swinging by & of course partying with me during the month of The Yellow Spectacles' 2nd Anniversary of existence.

Seriously, blogging whether for fun or for a career is no joke. Going into this a few years back, I could have never imagined all the things, links, memberships, apps, & so much more that coincides with blogging.

& I made a lil' clip to commemorate by blogging years...

I know. I know. There are like a million posts out there that deal with better blogging/making money/ & becoming a blogging pro-so-I am not going into any of that!

I will just say, blogging is a lot like making pancakes {hence, the theme today}. Pancakes & blogging--is more similar than you may think--just like your first pancake isn't perfect. It's a little messy & floppy--perfectly imperfect as I like to call it.

But as you keep making pancake after pancake gradually there is a change-your pancakes are rounder, smoother, & look well, prettier!

The exact Mickey waffle/Pancake Machine I have below

This is the case for first launched blogs & the posts that go along with it. Your first post may have not have been your finest, but you kept going didn't you? & now, you have a well-oiled blogging machine with imaginative posts & high quality photos.

I really love paper-party wear--it's so fun! 
Along your blogging journey, you have befriended other bloggers & have built relationships with brands & vendors. Whether you realize it or not, blogging has changed your life-hopefully, for the better.

So, enough with the blogging/pancake metaphor--the point is-- practice moves in the direction of perfection. While I am still perfecting my blog & blogging skills I am having fun along the way!

 & today, I get to blog & eat pancakes! It doesn't get any better than that!

Thanks so much for reading!  & a lil blogging tip, you can subscribe to RewardStyle  & when you like a blogger's picture on Instagram you'll get a fun email linking to all the products in that picture! It's fast & free! Plus, if you're a blogger you need a RS account!

What Would Lemon Breeland Do?

June 23, 2016

Thank heavens for NetFlix. Thus far, I have re-watched Gilmore Girls & Gossip Girl {far too many times to say the actual number} Friends , & a few more tv series thanks to the streaming device.

Lemons + Floppy Hats 

via GIPHY / Lemon Breeland

Recently, I have discovered Hart of Dixie & I of course fell in love with the Southern Dixie charm of the entire show & it's cast. One cast member, Lemon Breeland stands out with her sassy yet polished Southern sense of style & in essence inspired this post today!

Now that it is {officially} summer, I am breaking out the citrus & scallop looks. Because 'yellow' just screams summertime...am I right?

Citrus at its Best 

The Scallop Wallet is as affordable as it is cute: Charming Charlie 

What would Lemon Breeland Do? 

Anyways, for the love of Summer, Lemon, & all things yellow here I am in my brightest way to welcome my most favorite season-Summer!!

I want to hear your favorite Netflix shows/suggestions in the comments, please! & If you are a Hart of Dixie fan--answer this, George Tucker or Wade? If you have no-idea what I am talking about then you must checkout the show--the fashion alone makes it  worth your while.

Hart of Dixie inspired post 


See you Monday!

Gimme Some Sugar: POPSUGAR June Must Have Box

June 20, 2016

'Holy Home Grown Tomatoes' is what I said to myself {rather loudly} when my pink & white POPSUGAR June Must Have Box came the other day.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box

It is so fun to receive Happy Mail-especially when you are taken by surprise, but it is no surprise that this Must Have Box is packed with fun summertime essentials.

Whether you are seeking to treat yourself monthly or gift to a friend the POPSUGAR Must Box is a subscription based box & you can view & see the full subscription/pricing details here.  

Back to the latest box-the June box-it is literally packaged adorably with fun items to get you through the summer in style.


Here is what is inside the June Must Have Box {All opinion are my own...as I go through all 7 of The Must Have June items}:

  • Hat Attack: Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong It is super soft & light-weight. I think this wrap/sarong is a perfect beach cover-up! Or in my case, a pool cover-up. Sugg. Retail $58
  • Sisters of Los Angeles: 'Cheers' Gold Bottle Opener that will have you in a cheery mood before downing the bubbly.  It's a pretty large bottle opener-easy to use , & lightweight--plus, it is really cute. Sugg. Retail: $12
  • Wild and Wolf: Ridley's Game Room ''Who Am I?'' Quiz Box --Awesome for road trips & nights spent on the patio. Sugg. Retail: $12.95
  • NCLA: Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer --an explosive red/white/n' blue glitter polish that was exclusively developed with POPSUGAR.  I love sparkly nail polish & this definitely shines.  Sugg. Retail: $16
  • Knock Knock: 'Are You Ready For Your Close-Up? ' Compact red mirror. This is actually, a nice light-weight double mirror for quick makeup inspection.  Sugg. Retail: $10
  • Pacifica: Underarm Deodorant Wipes. Quick n' easy wipes that are ideal for traveling. The wipes neutralize odor & are (yes!) aluminum-free, vegan formula. The scent is light-nothing strong or too fragrant. Sugg. Retail: $9
  • Pressels: Sriracha. These are a gourmet type of pretzel with a yummy spicy kick--they have less fat & sodium than other pre-packaged snacks. I can genuinely say, if you like a hint of salty with a bit of spice you might like these-I did.  Sugg. Retail: $1.29 
Instagram @popsugarmh
So, I think I will kick back-enjoy the sunshine, summer joy, the great outdoors, & all of the seasonal festivities thanks to POPSUGAR where happiness delivers.

@popsugar / #musthavebox /musthave.popsugar.com 

*POPSUGAR sent me This Must Have Box to try #Sponsored* 

A Royal Illustrator: Emily Stanbury

June 16, 2016

As if we all {yes, we Americans} can't get enough of Kate Middleton's posh style, Prince Williams' effortless charm, young Prince George's rosy cheeks, & baby Princess Charlotte being well, a little princess!

Just when we couldn't take a pinch more of Royal Charm--let me introduce to you Emily Stanbury- A.KA. A Royal Illustrator.

Emily Stanbury

Emily on Instagram 
Emily is the artist behind these dashingly cute whimsical illustrations of The Royal Family.

Dwelling in Cornwall, England {about 5 1/2 hours from London} Emily creates her whimsy Royal doodles that have been popping up across social media & enchanting us all.

While it only makes sense that the UK's residence adore the royal fam--you & I both know Americans can't get enough of Kate, William, Harry, & the rest of the Royal bunch. While the peak that we get to have inside the walls of Kensington & Buckingham Palace is limited--Emily's sketches gives us a fun look as  to what it might be like to be a Royal.
Not-to-mention, owning a piece of Emily's art allows us common folk to have a bit of royalty inside our own homes.

Chatting with Emily you can tell where her talent & creativity stems from!

TYS: Has art always been a huge part of your life?

Emily: Drawing has always been apart of my life...I never saw drawing or painting as a career or job. It was just something I really enjoyed. When I was 16, I had a great teacher that pushed me toward illustrations. I studied illustrations at Falmouth University & I specialized in illustrating for children in particular character design & children's books.

Frame Worthy Prints: 

TYS: What fascinates you about The Royal Family?

Emily: I became interested in The Royals after The Royal Wedding of Katherine & Prince William. I loved the dresses, the carriage, & the tradition of it all.
After George was born, I started illustrating The Royal Family...After posting my images to Instagram & Facebook I realized that people liked them --so I have carried on & now produce my illustrated versions of Royal portraits like Princess Charlotte's Christening.

"George is just so cheeky! I love thinking of all the mischief he may get into! Especially with his sister, Charolette. He always wears the sweetest outfits. I am looking forward to drawing Charlotte when we see more pictures of her!"-Emily on a few of her favorite Royals to doodle.  
Not one of Emily's, but from Kate Duchess of Cambridge Paper Dolls book

Royal Wedding
For those who want to get their hands on some of Emily's illustrations she is planning on opening an online shop where you can shop n' buy--but Emily is open to commission work & often displays her prints on her Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter, & Tumblr pages--be sure to check them out!

The Royal Family

Just Like Kate:

As for what about the USA that fascinates Emily like The Royals do for us across the pond?

"I was lucky enough to get to go to New York City four years ago. I fell in-love with the city straight away....I live in the countryside so when I go to a city there is always so much I want to see & do! NYC did not disappoint!" --Emily. 
Well, Emily after seeing your illustrations is goes without saying you have a Royal gift & we can't wait to see what monarch moment you capture next!

Contact Emily: emily_stanbury@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for reading! Follow on Twitter @chef_kate for blog-updates & promos!


Happy Camper: Docks & Dunes

June 13, 2016

Hey y'all! How's summer thus far treating you? Whether you are at the beach, boardwalk, lake, or another shore you have to dress for the occasion.

This post is in collaboration with Docks & Dunes--They are a SC easy-living brand created by two entrepreneurs--Thomas McFadden & John Sadler.

" Docs & Dunes provides the perfect combination of southern atmosphere and low-country style. Symbolized by the brown pelican, Docks & Dunes represents the strength & spirit of a low-country life"--Docks & Dunes.     
Docks & Dunes

Pocket on the front of the tee w/ pelican logo 


With that said, I can testify that my shirt, in the sky-blue color is super soft , easy to throw on,  & allows a quick option to spending some time outdoors--which is what summer is all about isn't it?

Basically, by-now you have noticed that I enjoy the preppy/coastal/nautical looks--& yes, Docks & Dunes very much reflects that.

Typically, I love pairing my tees & short outfits with some type of boating shoe--they're lightweight, but at the same time allow for walking distances. The ones I am wearing at by Nautica--but below are a few of my favorites for the summer.

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The shirt's back

Until next time! Keep in-the-know with blog posts & photos with me on Instagram @katelynchef

Chatham Ivy: Wicked Preppy

June 9, 2016

"Why be prep, when you can be wicked preppy?' So, said the colorful, artistic, & New England Prep brand, Chatham Ivy.

Chatham Ivy is a nod to the classic old-school prep, but with a whimsical & youthful twist. Whimsical truly is the word to describe these preps as their apparel is illustrated to preppy perfection.

Lemon & Line Bracelet >>see previous post<<
I was so honored to receive Chatham's Wicked Beach Bike Tee-in short sleeve. The shirt depicts a preppy girl cruising on the beach with a furry-four-legged friend pulling up the rear.

I have to say, I am in love with their vast designs & illustrations--they remind me of hand-drawn New England postcards.


Chatham's start is just as sweet as their goods--two sisters {Kim & Katie Noble} stared CI  in dedication to their father who is battling cancer--I really recommend you read their 'about page,' but their story is a testament to their upbringing, lifestyle, & love for their dad.

"Our 'Wicked Preppy/Preppy' line is a nod to the mischievous side of our preppy dad"-Chatham Ivy.

Aside from tees {for women, men, & youth} CI sells illustrated totes & of course, preppy stickers.

As you can imagine, CI's illustrations encompass everything prep--lighthouses, dogs, boats, bikes, jeeps, to mansions.

You can find my Yellow Bike >> Here<<
Honestly, if you're an old-school prep or a preppy newbie I'd recommend adding a Chacham Ivy tee to your wardrobe. My tee is a size medium--I would recommend upping a size if you don't like wearing your tees tight.

So, are you Chatham hooked? #ChathamIvy

Wicked Preppy 

Follow Chatham on their social platforms:

Twitter/ Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest

Get more preppy looks below:

The Yellow Spectacles is Two!

June 6, 2016

Hey there--welcome to The Yellow Spectacles--I say this, because this month, I am celebrating my blog {yep, this one & only} turning two!

First, I'd like to thank you for reading & commenting over the months/years & I encourage new readers to do the same.

While, I have learnt a lot from blogging--I know I have a long way to go with this blog & my social media platforms--which reminds me--if you are not following me on Instagram @Katelynchef --let's follow each other!


One milestone, I was accepted (recently) into Rewards Style--an invitation only shopping/linking/commission earning program--which was kinda cool.

Taking a moment {more like the month of June} I want to celebrate with the season's prettiest blooms & a {also pretty} balloon arrangement from The Balloon Doctor.   

So, without further ado--Happy Birthday Yellow Spectacles & cheers to many, many more!

Thanks for Reading, Click the icons for Outfit Details!

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