Chatham Ivy: Wicked Preppy

"Why be prep, when you can be wicked preppy?' So, said the colorful, artistic, & New England Prep brand, Chatham Ivy.

Chatham Ivy is a nod to the classic old-school prep, but with a whimsical & youthful twist. Whimsical truly is the word to describe these preps as their apparel is illustrated to preppy perfection.

Lemon & Line Bracelet >>see previous post<<
I was so honored to receive Chatham's Wicked Beach Bike Tee-in short sleeve. The shirt depicts a preppy girl cruising on the beach with a furry-four-legged friend pulling up the rear.

I have to say, I am in love with their vast designs & illustrations--they remind me of hand-drawn New England postcards.


Chatham's start is just as sweet as their goods--two sisters {Kim & Katie Noble} stared CI  in dedication to their father who is battling cancer--I really recommend you read their 'about page,' but their story is a testament to their upbringing, lifestyle, & love for their dad.

"Our 'Wicked Preppy/Preppy' line is a nod to the mischievous side of our preppy dad"-Chatham Ivy.

Aside from tees {for women, men, & youth} CI sells illustrated totes & of course, preppy stickers.

As you can imagine, CI's illustrations encompass everything prep--lighthouses, dogs, boats, bikes, jeeps, to mansions.

You can find my Yellow Bike >> Here<<
Honestly, if you're an old-school prep or a preppy newbie I'd recommend adding a Chacham Ivy tee to your wardrobe. My tee is a size medium--I would recommend upping a size if you don't like wearing your tees tight.

So, are you Chatham hooked? #ChathamIvy

Wicked Preppy 

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  1. I love the bike! It's SO cute!!


  2. I love the bike! It's SO cute!!


  3. The tee is too cute! Love the illustration!

  4. Aww love your bike.
    xoxo, Rachel

  5. What a cute tee!

  6. There's nothing so fun as a cute and quirky t-shirt, and the illustration on this one is so lovely! I love the pretty scene you've created by the way :) Also, just to let you know your blog link has been broken when sent recently (comments) - just in case anyone hasn't been able to find their way back to your lovely blog! :)

  7. You are honestly the cutest! Love the bike!!!

    Happy Weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. You look so cute!

  9. Such a cute top, love the fun prints!


  10. i love your bike its so cute!!! :)