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Pool Essentials

June 30, 2015

If you're lucky enough to bake at the beach or stay cool by the pool then you know what you tote to and fro is just as important as the SPF No. on your sunscreen.

I am not as fortunate in the beach department, but I do get to escape to the pool every now and again. What do I take? The essentials of course; hat, sunscreen, sunnies, flip flops-you got it!

But just in case you don't "got it" review my pool essential list for yourself:

So, no excuses! Bums out if the sun's out! #chill 

Summer 2015 TV Obsessions

June 17, 2015

It's summer! Meaning it's hot outside and basically you wanna stay inside with a cool skinny Margarita & your Netflix account. And hey, why not?

Summer is no longer a dead zone for television thanks to networks finally realizing summer television's potential and TV hot spots like Hulu & Netflix.

So what will you be binge watching? Here are some goodies:

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Summer Shoe DIY

June 8, 2015

Looking to put an extra spring in your summer step? Look no as The Yellow Spectacles has it covered with this seasonal DIY.

What I like about this craft is that it is fast and affordable--really you can get the shoes at the Dollar Store--that's how cheap. Mind you, the finish product doesn't look cheap though.

After you have selected your canvas shoes (preferably in a summer-ish hue) take a trip to your local craft store-Hey Jo-Ann Fabrics! and pick out a punchy iron-on decal.

Keeping in with the summer theme, I stumbled across a pair of dancing hula girls--perfect.

After your decals are ironed on your kicks, feel free to add a bit of puff-paint for an extra touch.  Happy Summer!

Creative Crumbs: Cocoa & Fudge

June 5, 2015

June’s feature may want to be read or rather served with an ice cold glass of milk—make mine an iced coffee as The Yellow Spectacles sat down with gourmet cookie decorator/baker Cocoa & Fudge. If you’re thinking, it’s summer—swimsuit season make that an iced coffee with skim milk—no need to get you bikini bottoms in a twist.

Disney for Dessert 

If you enjoy a tasty cookie that looks too cute to eat keep reading…you’re stomach was warned.  The Hungry Beware!

Noreen is the baker and creative mind behind Cocoa & Fudge. Noreen creates one-of-a-kind cookies (think teacup poodles and fierce sharks) for all and every festive occasion. Her baking craft isn’t limited to cookies as she makes cakes, pies, brownies, and cupcakes—just to name a few of the tempting baked goods.  

Noreen learned to bake from her two older sisters and slowly her baking business began to grow within the family.

Flamingo Mingle 

Like all bakers would agree, Noreen had to go through a few “bad batches” of icing/cookie recipes before finding one that really stuck.

I searched and experimented with many different icing recipes until I made one that worked for me. Then I started making decorated cookies for family and friends during holidays, christenings and birthdays” Noreen said.

What was once just a hobby and a way to blow off steam gradually began to turn into a budding business. The cookie creator recalls, “When my niece started going to school, her teachers and classmates were very interested with the cookies she gives to them on her birthdays. They officially became my first clients that were outside the family circle. From then on I got referrals and that’s how my business started.

Under The Sea
Noreen admits she gathers creativity from places and things far and wide. Everything from nature to cartoons can be an idea that leads into a cookie masterpiece. The far most popular batches of cookies that Cocoa & Fudge ever mixed up was a Halloween selection and the goofy snowman named, Olaf from Disney’s Frozen—Go figure!

On the horizon for Cocoa & Fudge are more delicious things as she is experimenting with new cake flavors (think Wasabi) and she wanting to create script monogram inspired cookies.
One thing is for certain; her creations won’t last long…pass the cookie plate please.

Order your own batch of cookies: CocoaAndFudge@gmail.com or on Instagram @CocoaandFudge

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