Summer Shoe DIY | The Yellow Spectacles

June 8, 2015

Summer Shoe DIY

Looking to put an extra spring in your summer step? Look no as The Yellow Spectacles has it covered with this seasonal DIY.

What I like about this craft is that it is fast and affordable--really you can get the shoes at the Dollar Store--that's how cheap. Mind you, the finish product doesn't look cheap though.

After you have selected your canvas shoes (preferably in a summer-ish hue) take a trip to your local craft store-Hey Jo-Ann Fabrics! and pick out a punchy iron-on decal.

Keeping in with the summer theme, I stumbled across a pair of dancing hula girls--perfect.

After your decals are ironed on your kicks, feel free to add a bit of puff-paint for an extra touch.  Happy Summer!

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