Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration

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Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration 

During the holidays {or any celebratory time} there are two kinds of people. 

The first is the type of person who labors over how they'll wrap their present. They'll spend hours pouring through Pinterest seeking gift wrap inspiration while they select a gift wrap theme & color combination. Next, the amount of detail, as well as a considerable amount of time, spent tieing the perfect ribbon to finish their vision is the creme de la creme of gift wrapping. 

The second person, gifts the gift in the same bag the cashier handed them. 

Christmas Tree Car Gift Tag

Purple and Red Christmas Wrapping

So, it's safe to say, if you're the first person, this post is for you. However, if you're the second gift wrapper & would like to be the first, on a milder level, this post is also for you. 

In my teens, I used to be the extreme wrapper, who'd pay $10.00 for a fancy gift wrap & special bow. However, today, I am much more practical. Pretty, yes, but practical. I actually wrapped all of these gifts with supplies bought at the Dollar Tree.

Red Ribbon Gift Box
Creative Gift Topper, Red Car {Fiat}  with Christmas Tree

Red and White Gift Wrap
Creative & Affordable Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas 

Everything from the gift wrap to the ribbon was bought at the dollar store for $1.00. 

Here are my tips for wrapping your presents like a champagne-sipping champ, but on a Diet Pepsi Max budget. 

  • Pick a Two-Color, Color Scheme: Selecting two colors, three max, when deciding how you want to wrap your gifts will save you time & money when standing in the wrapping paper aisle. I went with white & purple wrapping paper & red ribbons. 
  • Shop Outside the Wrapping Paper Aisle: For my gift toppers, you'll notice they are cars with little Christmas Trees. The cars were found in the Toy Aisle & the tiny craft trees were found in the Holiday Aisle. Get creative & make your present embellishments with items not found in the Wrapping Paper portion of the store.
  • Add a Big Ass Bow: Pardon my French, but a beautiful BIG bow on a box makes the gift look luxe. I actually like slightly oversized bows/ribbons on gifts, they make a dramatic statement & really POP from the other packages. 
  • Budget: Even when shopping at the dollar store, set a budget for how much you want to spend on gift wrapping items. Even if you're limit is $5.00-$10.00, you'll find yourself getting creative with ways to wrap your gift based on the budget & amount of supplies to cover your purchase. 
  • Tape: Don't forget the tape! I use just regular tape, but the Dollar Tree does sell double-sided tape if you're a stickler for not wanting tape to show on your packages. Sometimes, I put decorative tape on top of the clear tape, to hide it/make the gift a little fancier. 

Car Ornament
DIY Car Ornament

Purple Christmas Wrapping Paper

Big Bow
Add a Big Bow to make your package pop! 

Whenever you're wrapping your gifts, relax. Even the simplest wrapping paper can look beautiful with a pretty plain ribbon or a little sprig of whatever nature is found outside your door. 

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Red Christmas wrapping paper