Five Tips for Creating Aesthetically Consistent Instagram Stories

Five Tips for Creating Aesthetically Consistent Instagram Stories 

Creating aesthetically appealing Instagram Stories is a continued artform as our tastes, interests, as well as personal aesthetics change.

However, as creators, writers, freelancers, & everyday users, we all know the importance that Insta Stories hold. They have the power to connect with followers, potential followers, clients, brands, & friends/family. Have you ever noticed that you can always recognize your favorite accounts' stories as they are consistent in both postings regularly as well as consistent in their Instagram Story style? 

While posting regularly to IG Stories is more of self-discipline than anything, creating aesthetically appealing IG Stories that are consistent in content, context, colors, & visuals is an artform you can master!  

Here are my Tips for Creating Aesthetically Consistent Instagram Stories 

Tips to creating consistently beautiful Instagram Stories
Instagram Story Aesthetics 

1. Templates 

With apps like, Unfold, Instagram users have the opportunity to have access to beautifully curated Insta Story templates at their fingertips. The trouble is, there are so many Story app templates to choose from that make the user's experience picking a template & sticking with it inconsistent in aesthetics. 

My advice to making your IG Stories more uniform across the board is to pick one to two apps where you design your IG Stories. In those designated apps, select one to two templates & rotate between them. 

In my experience, I like to stick with Unfold's basic templates for my stories alongside an Instagram Story template pack I purchased via an Etsy shop. Pro Stories tip, if you're looking for unique templates that not everyone is using, Etsy has some great shops that sell varieties of IG Story templates that you can either edit in Canva or Photoshop. 

2. Fonts 

Whether you're using the variety of IG fonts that come pre-made in Insta Stories or are copy & pasting your own found fonts into the app, stick with one to two fonts. By keeping your fonts consistent in all of your Stories, you're building your aesthetic. 

3. Colors

Just as fonts help establish your overall look on Instagram, so does your color palette. Maybe you're a blogger & already have a color scheme? Or maybe you're someone who creates a mood board as each season comes anew & you already have a palette to work with. If so, great! If not, establish two to three correlating colors & make them pop/appear throughout your daily story posts.  

Favorite apps to create aesthetically appealing Instagram Stories
Five Tips to Creating Aesthetically Consistent Instagram Stories 

4. Content 

Your fonts, colors, style on IG Stories all play a huge part in your overall Instagram Story aesthetic, but so does what you share there! Whether you pop on to share life updates, hauls, recipes, workout tips, or yoga poses, just make sure what you share is consistent.  For example, if you're a yogi, maybe you want to share Yoga poses Thursday or your five Friday favorites {fashion/products/ ect.} if you're a fashion blogger. Whatever is your niche/hobby/passion, just may sure you're consistently sharing it. 

5. Filters 

Like with everything else, there are so many Instagram filters to use & try. While trying out all the latest IG Story filters can be tempting, it can also be distracting to what topic/story you're trying to tell. My advice is to pick one to two clean IG Story filters & use those. However, pro tip, if you're looking for a filter that's all your own style {not used by everyone else} try the Tone Studio App created by Do You Travel Presets. 

Some filters for videos are free, otherwise, it's $20.00 for the year. Here, you can create your own story style that's clean, fresh, & colorful. 

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The best fonts, filters, & templates to use in your IG Stories!
Five Tips for Creating Aesthetically Consistent Instagram Stories 

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