Gift a Wholesome Easter Basket

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Gift a Wholesome Easter Basket 

 The Merriam Webster definition of Wholesome is 1: promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit. 2: promoting the health of the body. 3a: sound in body, mind, or morals. 

Dried fruit and plant-based power bars make great additions to Wholesome Easter Baskets
Dried fruits & plant-based protein bars for a healthy Easter bASKET 

The idea of living a simplistic & wholesome lifestyle is very attractive to me. As a Taurus, we are naturally materialistic, which is true for me, but I have gotten a lot better at being so! With Easter coming up, I wanted to compose a blog post sharing ways you can create a Wholesome Easter Basket. This includes everything from what type of edible treats to include as well as fun items that are geared to those who like to like to live a sustainable & wholesome lifestyle. 

I originally was inspired to create a Wholesome Easter Basket post based on Valentine's Day box Martha Stewart made for her daughter, Alexis. In Alexis's Valentine's Day box was not chocolate, but tons of delicious dried fruits. If you're a reader here, you know I LOVE dried fruit {favorite dried fruit brand post here}! Of course, it has to be purely dried fruit--no preservatives or added sugar, just dried fruit! So yummy.  

Below, I will list what I would personally add to my wholesome Easter basket in the way of food, candy, and fun sustainable products. 

Favorite dried fruits and healthy candy to eat as a vegan
Inside my Wholesome Easter Basket 

Wholesome Easter Basket Foods

  • Made in Nature Dried Mangos 
  • Jali Fruit Co Mr. Jackfruit {dried jackfruit} 
  • Jali Co Party Pineapple {dried pineapple}
  • RX Bars 
  • Dried Dates & Figs
  • Sincerely Nuts Premium Dried Turkish Apricots 
  • 100 Calorie Nuts Packs/Un Salted Almonds & Salt & Pepper Cashews 
  • Mike's Hot Honey 

Wholesome Easter Basket Candies

Wholesome & Sustainable Easter Basket Goodies

Tips to creating a healthy Easter Basket
Gift a Wholesome Easter Basket 

There you have it, healthy & sustainably chic Easter Basket ideas for those who live a Wholesome & healthy lifestyle. 

I share often my favorite healthy snacks on my Instagram @ Katelynchef come over & find me there! 


How to Build a Wholesome Easter Basket


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