Wouldn't It Be Nice: An Aesthetically Pleasing Look at Stanton's South Beach

Wouldn't It Be Nice: An Aesthetically Pleasing Look at Stanton's South Beach 

The Stanton Hotel in South Beach
Stanton South Beach 

Wouldn't it be nice, to stay in a place where you are only 1.8 miles walking distance from {ahem, with direct} access to Miami Beach? You know, right on the strip of South Beach's famed Ocean Drive.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a posh room with either an ocean or city private balcony view?

Wouldn't it be nice to soak-in the Flordia sun inside not one, but two spacious pools that share a warm hot tub in the center?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Starbucks in the hotel lobby as well as two restaurants within the same building?

Yes, that would be nice!

Stanton South Beach Hotel Stay

Welcome to South Beach Miami where not your momma's Marriott, Stanton South Beach welcomes visitors with a wide art deco inspired embrace.

Recently, Marriott, Stanton South Beach hosted me as a guest this past September & I wanted to share a few highlights from my trip as well as my stay at Stanton.

{Note, Stanton Marriott hosted me as a guest during my stay, all opinions are my own.} 

Hotels in South Beach

My Room

Staying at the Stanton, I adored my room. Truthfully, it was on the smaller side, no washer/dryer and or microwave, but the view of the ocean from my private balcony made up for that.

Inside my suite, there was a single K-Cup coffee maker, a mini-fridge, & a flat-screen TV. The bathroom was a swanky black & white theme containing a spacious walk-in shower finished with black & white marble swirl.

Also, it's good to note, the room had a fairly decent size closet with a lockable vault, as well as a full-length mirror.

Balcony View 

Balcony View 

Aside from the view, my favorite part about my room was the toiletries--lol they literally smelt SO GOOD! The soap, shampoo, conditioner, & lotion are from This Works. I had to look it up because I love the scent so much.

It hard to put the aroma into words but calming & relaxing come to mind as the scent was a delightful combination of eucalyptus, & petitgrain essential oils. It was SO nice to shower each day & let the peaceful aroma wash everything away.

The Hotel

In celebrity terms, Stanton South Beach reminds me a lot of George Clooney--suave, dapper, mature, yet cool, collected, & sophisticated. In one word, Timeless.

The recently remodeled vicinity has a very luxurious art deco vibe {something that South Beach is known for}. There is a double side elevator in the hotel's lobby that transports guests to their rooms as well as to the pool & fitness center. From the pool, guests are only steps away from the beach.

The concierge desk is my favorite part of Stanton's charm as they have various photographs framed & grouped behind the desks.

Hotel's Entrance 

My absolute favorite image is of the vintage 1960's Barbie with a bubble gum pink background. Speaking of concierge, the hotel's staff {including housekeeping} was by far the kindest & most personable staff in any hotel I have ever stayed. They greeted me by name each day as they saw me pass on by. The housekeeping was phenomenal as well. 

South Beach Miami 

For any future Stanton guests, it is worth mentioning, the freshly chilled cucumber water inside the lobby, as well as the offering of small water bottles. As someone who does a lot of walking & moving around on trips, this is a very much appreciated hospitable touch.   

Big Pink


South Beach, in general, has numerous hotels that dual as restaurants as well as an assortment of other hubs & hideaways to dine. However, Stanton has not one but two restaurants inside as well as a Starbucks!

The first dining spot is a Baja inspired restaurant {breakfast, lunch, & dinner} called, Lolo's Surf Cantina--very chill & down-to-earth or I'd say down-to-beach atmosphere. 

The second restaurant, that actually acts as a South Beach speakeasy is a Japanese cuisine known as
Azuba Miami Beach.

However, my most frequented place to grab something was the hotel's Starbucks. Anyone can access the Starbucks from the front of the hotel's entrance {it's built off to the side}. However, those staying at Stanton can access the coffee hub from a stairwell inside the hotel too.

Beach & Pool

Anytime I venture to a new location the pool is always a stop for me. Luckily, the hotel has two with a shared hot tub nestled between. Guests can eat fresh fruit {or sip a fresh lime margarita} from Lolo's while lounging on one of the many padded poolside chairs. Thirsty? You sip complimentary chilled water served near the towel counter.

The pool area is very aesthetically pleasing as a canopy of palms encloses the pool from above. Other tropical ferns & greenery hug the pool area. Ocean lovers can rejoice as she is only a few short steps away from the pool--also within earshot.

Miami Beach 

Upper lounge area near the pool

Ocean Drive

At the beach, the beach crew does this fancy beach/sand design each morning while they set up the various cabanas, sherbet-colored umbrellas & beach chairs. Towels folded to look like swans sit on the fancier of cabana options---it was so cute.


Call me extra, extra odd, but I am just not the biggest spa fan. I like to say, I had a 'reluctant facial' at the Spa at Stanton. I really wasn't looking forward to my spa hour, but it turns out my facial was one of the highlights of my trip.

At Stanton's Spa, there is a variety of spa packages to choose from. A few of the choices range from a clear your mind 50-minute massage to algae facials as well as your traditional manicures, pedicures, couples massage, & more.

Due to my last-of-luster-skin issues, {they have been plaguing me like a sunburn scar of summer's past} the spa staff recommended classic marine algae facial.

After the 50-minute facial that included a skin-specific seaweed-like mask {it was really warm, that I know} she/the facialist took out a lot of extractions.

It is also worth noting, she went out of her way to alleviate a terrible migraine that I was carrying around the entire day by doing pinpoint palm {hands & feet} as well as the temple of the head massage.

It was probably the best 50 minutes of my entire life. 

Bikes, runners, roller-bladers, sun worshipers, artists, foodies, & sea-lovers all add to the electric energy that is unique to South Beach Miami. Colorful hotel exteriors mixed in with minimal apartment complexes as well as the never-ending construction of some hotel or another make SOBE a posh {& punchy} city to visit. Or if you're lucky enough, a place to call home.

Now, wouldn't that be nice?