Holiday Home Decor: Tips & Styling

Holiday Home Decor: Tips & Styling 

Anagram Balloons / Satin Wreath {c/o} 
When it comes to holidays home decor, I feel like there are two types of people. One side of the spectrum, you live for the holidays--the decor & all the decorating. In other words, more trees, trimmings, & more tinsel the merrier. 

& Then there's the other side of the Christmas decorating spectrum The idea of putting together a mantle scene & string lights {garland} on a tree sends you right into Santa's big bag with a full-on panic attack. In other words, #moststressultimeoftheyear

I suppose, there are the in-betweens. Some years, I really feel into the decor & others not so much. BUT decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be stressful, scary, or super expensive. 

Here are 6 Tips to Holiday Decor: Styling & Decorating {from me!} 

1. Pick a Color Scheme! If you'll note the overall blush/pink, silver, & blue colors {balloons aside} that are going on in these photos--that was this year's inspiration--light, airy, whimsical, & a bit romantic. Picking two to three colors helps you narrow in on your aesthetic & what you want to put out as well as anything you wish to buy. 

2. Find your Inspiration! This is a big one!! If you're out {or online shopping} & you see something that catches your eye--get it & let that be your guide/holiday decor inspiration for your decor this year. For example, we really loved this LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls polar bear & rose gold glass house--that created a window for the overall look we wanted. 

I found this LC Lauren Conrad YouTube video to be helpful when it comes to mantle decorating. 

3. Limit what you Buy! Just because it's a new year, doesn't mean you have to go buy new decor, ribbon, bulbs, & so on. Use what you have & just hit the refresh button with say new lights, maybe a few new ornaments, or decorative picks from the craft store. 

4. Shop Early! When shopping for decor & inspiration start early as in October. I say this because things tend to get picked over quickly & if you're in the market for new mantle picks, ribbon, & so on, get it before it runs out. Pro Tip I always buy an extra spool of ribbon and lights--this way you have it & if you end up not needing it's always easier to return the extra instead of being short & stuck!

5. Christmas Smells! Don't forget about the seasonal smells. Around my space I have holiday {pine sachets} Nest fragrance wicks, & other little scent boosters hidden in corners to add a fresh holiday scent for when you pass by. Also, the cinnamon pine cones sold at the market & grocery store are also so festive & fragrant.  

6. Go for the Unexpected! I'd say balloons are pretty unexpected when decorating for Christmas, but as you can see these balloons from {Anagram Balloons} are just deliciously adorable! Aside from the wow/unexpected factor, these balloons don't have to have helium {no they won't float} but can be self-inflated with a straw or hand pump & I think they are beautiful. Check out their Christmas selections here.  

Anagram Satin Star Balloons {c/o}
& without further adieu, here are many photos from this year's decor. I have a few items to shop at the bottom of this post but feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. 

scented pine cones

Riley & Betley 

My desk
My dresser

Swan Lake vibes 

My little pink tinsel tree

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  1. Gorgeous!!! And I'm on the "more tinsel the better" train myself! There is just nothing better than holiday decor! XO


  2. thank you Shauna--yep, my thoughts too-Katelyn xoxo