Christmas Island: Unique & Personal Holiday Gift Idea with Grafo Map

Christmas Island: Unique & Personal Holiday Gift Idea with Grafo Map 

"How'd ya like to spend the holiday away across the sea?
How'd ya liked to spend Christmas on Christmas Island?"~ Christmas Island

*Note, this post is sponsored by Grafo Map. All Opinions are Mine.* 

If you could pick & frame one spot in the entire world what destination would you pick?
If you're a loyal reader, it may come to no surprise that one of my first picks would be Nantucket, MA.

When Grafo Map asked me to pick {geogrpahic coordinates & all} a place to have turned into a framed map, ACK was the first place that popped into my head! Of course, you can pick & frame any place {popular or more obsure} & they'll make you a custom print--the framing is optional.

i.e. custom maps & posters--they're pretty stylish & if you're active on Instagram & Pinterest, the framed custom map idea is pretty trendy.

The unique factor is the main reason why I think Grafo Map makes for the perfect holiday gift idea. Think about it, this map/art piece is something that someone will look at {& appreciate} every day inside their home. Now, that's the kind of gift you want to give. Plus, it's pure wanderlust at its very best.

There are nine different map/map color options 'filters'  from minimal to bourbon--mine is the blue option as I thought that went best with the ACK aesthetic, but it's up to you what print theme you go with.

When designing your map, you can have it zoomed in or out as much as you like. Next, you pick your size, layout, & orientation. Lastly, check out--it's that simple & if I can recall, my custom Nantucket Grafo Map shipped within a week or so.  Seriously, the custom map idea really does make for the best Christmas/holiday gift idea.

I did want to include/mention, my frame on the left bottom corner seemed to be separating {I think it was a fluke thing}, but the makers at Grafo stood behind the design & have replaced the entire map.

I am definitely looking forward to displaying my ACK map in my space--right after all my holiday decor comes down =).

Grafo Map 

Use Code GMFRIENDS at checkout to get $10.00 off your first map purchase.

& Check out other maps for inspiration on Grafo's Instagram & Pinterest.

Map Art 

"If you ever spend Christmas on Christmas Island
You will never stray for everyday
Your Christmas dreams come true."~Christmas Island.

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  1. So neat! My family got something just like this for my grandfather last year, they're awesome! I live in MA and have only been to Nantucket when I was a little, little baby. I guess places like that are almost more visited by people that don't live in the area haha. I'll have to take a trip there soon! Happy Wednesday!
    - MEG |