Fizzle-Jingle: How-to-Build a Glitzy Bubbly Bar!

How-to-Build a Glitzy Bubbly Bar! 

*Disclaimer this post mentions/included alcohol. You must be over 21 years of age to drink {USA} & if done so, please drink responsibly* 

It's New Year's Eve! You know what that means, don't you? Plenty of corks are waiting to be popped & champagne toasts need to be made for New Year well wishes & plenty of good cheer.

The best way to stay festive this New Year's Eve is to decorate (& stock) your bar cart to build your own bubbly bar.

Instead of me telling you how-to-create your own NYE champagne party; I put my thoughts into a fun little poem/jingle:

Fizzle-Jingle New Year’s Eve 
Build A Bubbly Bar: A Poem 
By: Katelyn Chef

Fizzle jingle…
Sparkle jangle.

Here’s to creating a glitzy bubbly bar!

First, you’ll need
Glasses that go

& Of course, plenty of glitz
The kind that puts on the Ritz. 

Next, comes the cocktail rings…
You know, the ones that make all the gals
Go wink-wink!

Up next is the bubbly...
First, pour the rosé
& then it’s onto the cabernet.

Ruby red cranberries for garnish
& plenty of ice is always nice

As they often say, the devil in the details…
Silver party whistles & celebration poppers
Don’t forget the festive cork stoppers!

Naturally, you’ll need confetti—sprinkle it all…
Lastly, add the mini disco balls 
the ones that twinkle-twinkle! 

That completes your glitzy bubbly bar!

Fizzle jingle…
Sparkle jangle.

Happy New Year, my dear!

The beautiful sparkling wine & champagne rosé blend wine were gifted from Veuve Clicquot & Meiomi Coastal California Wines. In other words, perfect for any celebratory occasion & festive gathering!

Sparkling Wine Food Pairings:

When prepping your bar cart for a holiday it's not only important to think about what type of bubbly you'll be pouring, but what foods pair well with champagne/sparkling wine.

My favorite food, seafood {shrimp & caviar} blend well with sparkling wine as well as smoked salmon {YUM} &  a crisp veggie platter--preferably with a creamy dip option on the side.

I also saw where popcorn goes well with champagne--how NYE chic is that!  This article on Epicurious has 30 different recipes to pair with your champagne: 30 Sparkling Wine & Champagne Food Pairings

Rosé/Champagne Food Pairings:

The Veuve Clicquot rosé/champagne blend is the first of it's kind! & If you can get past the beauty of the bottle's packaging, this bubbly rosé will be the toast of the evening.

They're kind enough to share what foods pair well with this blend. A food fine rosé/champagne food pairings are tuna, shrimp, fruits, cold cuts, & duck. To learn more & see additional recipes click here. Heads up, this blend doesn't mix well with cheese!

New Year's Eve Bubbly Bar

Shop The Bubbly Bar Décor:

A few of the items are from/gifted by Chic & Tonic such as the flask bangle as well as the cute sparkle cups. Everything else is shared below--most are from Kohl's Lauren Conrad Collection--I love the vintage yet glam touch of her 2018 holiday line.

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