Disco Babe: New Year Wish For You & Me

New Year Wish For You & Me: New Year's Outfit 

It's that time again, we're writing down hopes, dreams, & wishes for the New Year. Once the big ball drops at midnight, it's often a clean slate for those wishing for a better year or possibly another great year like the one that just slipped away.
Regardless, my New Year goal & wish is to branch out--really think outside of the box. Get creative & push past what seems normal when it comes to blogging, writing, & content creating.

I've been doing so, but am hoping to amp it up for 2019! I think you'll start seeing {if you haven't already} there's really no rules or black & white ideals when it comes to what works for editing, photo ideas & just doing something different.

Take note of all the cool edits & aesthetically pleasing presets varieties out there.  I encourage you to be inspired from all the uniqueness while you try to capture your own take on what content you imagine!

After all, inspiration is everything, but it's up to each creator to be there own kind of artist with their own set of ideas.

& Just going off the cuff, I edited these photos differently than the previous posts, not sure if its something I want to switch to, but if you have an input, I'd love to hear!

Here's to 2019 being bold, blissful, & beautiful. Happy New Years!

New Year's Outfit:

I've been wearing turtlenecks under most of my clothes this season which {one} pulls the look together  & {two} keeps me warm when I am outside shooting.

Of course, the glitter disco ball shoes are back {New Year's Eve, duh} & I have been loving the bow clips--they add an extra flair to any outfit like this Wild Fable gray romper from Target.

Faux Fur Coat for major winter fashion vibes 

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