Spectacles That Compliment Your Home Style

When you think about it, glasses {eyeglasses} are a magical addition to your personal style.  In fact, when you really think about it some of the most well-known style icons & even TV/storybook characters have a certain pair of eyeglasses associated with their persona.

  • Anna Wintour--Classic box-style sunglasses
  • Karl Lagerfeld--Black rectangular sunglasses
  • Iris Apfel--Funky oversize round sunglasses
  • Harry Potter/Harry--Circular wire-rim glasses
  • Ugly Betty/Betty--bright red plastic frames
Courser Spectacles, EyeBuy Direct {c/o}
The list goes on. When someone is wearing striking frames that's always the first thing about them that catches my eye--peak's my attention. There's something understated yet fashion-forward about stylish glasses & incorporating them into your everyday look.  

My love for glasses {ahem, spectacles} is deep & I thought it'd be fun to pair up with EyeBuy Direct to share frames that not only compliment what you're wearing but your home decor aesthetic too! 

These copper metal frames {Courser, Limited Edition} are my second pair from EyeBuy Direct & I am obsessed with their quality frame/lens selection as well as their affordable prices.

Each from EyeBuy Direct

  1. MidCentury Aesthetic: Daybreak frame, Tortoise, Women, EyeBuy Direct, $19.20 
  2. Modern Aesthetic: Moring frame, Clear/White Acetate, EyeBuy Direct, $33.00
  3. Fun/Funky Aesthetic: Capucine frame, Red Floral, Women, EyeBuy Direct, $29.00 
  4. Trendy Aesthetic: Harrier frame, Gunmetal, EyeBuy Direct, $29.00 
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  1. Those glasses are lovely on you! And it's true, glasses are such a style statement for many people! :)

    Hope that you are having a good week and a nice start to November! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog