We're Unicorns, Duh! Easy DIY Halloween Unicorn Costume

No matter my age, I am a big believer in believing in the unseen. Whether's it's an unseen mermaid on a rock, unicorn in a forest, or fairy in a pasture; just the thought of something magical out there is good enough for me.

Naturally, growing up I loved {still love, ha} unicorns, mermaids, fairies, pegasuses, & other fun creatures--today, however, there's such an overload on everything magical that it's a bit overwhelming--where was all of this in the 90s'?

No matter, I am also a big believer in DIY-ing whole-ly or partly Halloween costumes as one it's more cost-effective & two its just more fun!

Aside from my top & athletic pants {both from Target on Clearence} this DIY Unicorn-inspired 'costume' was bought in the Target Dollar section.


Boo Banner/Target {$3}
Naturally, it's always fun to browse the $1 section, but I do so with a 'seasonal purpose.' I always get a few things here & there that I know I'll want to use blog props. I try to keep cost low as I'll probably only use it once or twice.

Here's how-to-DIY your own magical-last-minute Halloween costume:

Unicorn Necklace/UO $10

My Unicorn OOTD 🌈

  • Unicorn Headband {mine from Target's Dollar Spot {similar}, $1}
  • Facial Gems {mine from Target's Dollar Spot {similar}, $1}
  • Face/Body Glitter {mine Unicorn Snot, $12}
  • Pink Lip Stick/Pink Blush {mine Victoria Secret, Liquid Colors Matte, $14} 
  • Women's Unicorn Slippers {pink option, $30} 
  • Candy Bracelets {whole bag for $1 at The Dollar Store} 
  • Dog Unicorn Costume {Riley's Target Unicorn-Dog Headwear, $7} 

Thank you, Riley, for all your help! 

For a finishing touch, I recommend glittery nail polish. Riley's shirt actually says 'unicorn in training' & I got it at Five Below! My final tip is to use the Target Cartwheel app--Riley's unicorn hat was actually under $5 using the discount on the app--so that helps save money too. 

In the spirit, of Halloween, I hope yours is the most magical yet!

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  1. So cute! I'm thinking I may do this for Halloween night. Easy and done!