Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Inspo Seeker

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Inspo Seeker 

'Tis the season to kick off holiday gifts & seasonal gift guides! This year, I made the conscious decision {effort, really} to create my first really-well-thought-out seasonal gifts guides curated by brands I have partnered with, personally worked with as well as products that I have bought myself to create a series of four Christmas/Holiday Gift Guides. 

The first guide, Gifts for the Inspo Seeker aka bloggers, influencers, photographers, artists, creators, & creatives in your life.

1.RoseGold Keyboard | 2. PawPillow | 3. Velvet Record Player | 4.PocketPrinter  | 5. InstaStyle | 6. PhoneCase |
1. A rose gold keyboard that's Bluetooth compatible is just about as swanky as it gets when thinking about the writer and or blogger in your life. No worries if rose gold isn't for her or him there is also silver, space gray,  & gold options too.
Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard, Satechi.Net, {$80}

2. You'll recall the sequin pillows that flip to one hue & then the next with the stroke of your palm? Okay, nothing new, but what is new is the sequin pillow & then a quick hand flip & it's your pet's face! Yep, that's right, your pup's face on one of the mermaid pillows makes for one inspirational gift to give. Merry Christmas!
PawPillows, Mermaid Pillow Co, {$59}

3. The best gift that I recently bought myself is the UO Home Crossly Suede record player. The record player looks vintage, but it's also Bluetooth compatible & I can now listen to my favorite tracks on cool vinyl like the Holiday Micheal Bublé record.
Crossly UO Exclusive Tan Velvet Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player, Urban Outfitters, {$99}

4. I have always wanted a pocket photo printer & this little one is a keeper. However, the Insta Cool factor here is that the LifePrint Portable Photo Printer prints photos & videos with augmented reality! There's an app that comes with the LifePrint portable printer that assists with the photo to video printing & makes for a cool Instagram post! Works with iPhone & Android.
LifePrint Portable Photo & Video Printer, White, Amazon, {$89}

5. InstaStyle aka Tezza's {@Tezzamb} amazing new Instagram go-to book! I pre-ordered mine on Amazon for Insta-Inspiration, but photos aside, Tezza does a great job breaking down Instagram, giving you tips from everything from becoming the best Insta-Influencer you can be to photo tips & really everything in between. I highly recommend this book, InstaStyle!
InstaStyle, Curate Your Life, Create Stunning Photos, & Elevate Your Instagram Influence, Target, {$16}

6. All creatives need to have a poppin' phone case--there's just no excuse. A custom liquid sand phone case from Casetify is the gift they'll want to open first! You can have their name, nickname, monogram, & so on printed on a neon liquid sand phone case that's durable too--so cool! & You can pink the font style & color as well as the liquid sand color.
Neon Sand Liquid Case, Casetify, {$49}

Best Gifts to buy the person who has it all
Tezza's InstaStyle 

Additional Gifts for the Inspo Seeker:

Happy Gifting! Thursday, there's another round of gift ideas followed by next week's gifts for her & him! I am always sharing more ideas over on my Instagram @Katelynchef 

Stay Inspired!


  1. I'm so into sequins pillows this year! That dog one is seriously the cuuuuutest!!


  2. What a fun + unique gift guide, that rose gold keyboard is to dieeeee for. I'm slightly obsessed with rose gold ;) Wishing you a happy, great to start to the Christmas season!!