Holiday Gift Guide for the Host/Hostess: Winter Candles

Holiday Gift Guide for the Host/Hostess: Winter Candles 

It's time to roll out the Yule Tide Carols, holly, mantle swag, & warm winter candles. Honestly, one of the few good things about the cold {you know how I feel about cold/winer} are the assortment of holiday & winter candles. Ahh, I can smell them now!

With Christmastime in the air, you'll be doing the mistletoe-party hop. Meaning, you're going to have to gift the humble host something little but meaningful aka a candle.

Below, I have selected my personal favorite winter candles that are unisex in packaging & scent as well would make for the perfect hostess gift this season.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Host/Hostess: Winter Candles
One of my favorite winter scents is the scent of pine as it's a pretty universal scent to most & it's always just fresh, crisp, & a seasonal classic winter candle staple to have.

A Hogwarts Christmas 

1. Fresh Balsam, 3-Wick Candle Bath & Body Works {$24.50}

Sweet yet savory--isn't that the perfect ice cream variety we all crave? This Glade candle is kind of like that with notes of nuts & vanilla bean. Any hostess would love this Nutcracker inspired candle.

2. Nutcracker Delight 3-Wick Candle, Glade, Target {$4.99}

A bit mysterious with hints of smoky birch tar, vanilla bean, and cedar makes the travel size Willow Palo Santo candle a great his or her gifting option this holiday season. Plus, I am a fan of the cool tin/packaging!

3. Willow Palo Santo Travel Candle, Bijou{$9.00}

A Hogwarts Christmas is the dream of any millennial or Harry Potter fan. Truly. The Hermione candle from Bijou is another mysterious yet fragrant candle {cedar & thyme} to give this season.

4. Hermione Candle, Bijou {$29.00}

Don't let the pink label fool you--Les is the plural form for masculine & feminine in French--oui. oui. I have gifted this candle during September 2018 Fashion Week & it smells so divine! Notes of peach blossom, white cedar, jasmine rice, & other scents make this candle delicious.

5. Les, Boy Smells {$29}

1. Fresh Balsam | 2. Nutcracker Delight | 3. Willow | 4. Hermione | 5. LES

Okay, now that you have a variety of fragrant options in front of you, which winter candle will you be gifting this year?

P.S. All next week on the blog, I will be continuing my 2018 Gift Guide Series for 'Her' & 'Him' Monday & Thursday. So, stay tuned & see you soon! 

p.s. if you love these Harry Potter candles, check this Teen Vogue article out that I recently wrote.


  1. I just bought a candy cane candle and am obsessed!! :)


  2. I'm itching to get a nice holiday candle this season! Happy Friday to you :)
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