Dorm Vibes: Back-to-Campus Dorm Room Inspiration

It's that time of year once more...back to school & the start of college. Decorating your dorm room is a right of passage for any student & certainly one of the most fun things about going away to school.

Last fall, I wrote a lot of dorm decor articles for Teen Vogue. What was interesting about these features is that I interviewed freshman across the USA attending small & big schools such as Boston College, Yale, Mercy Hurst, & so on. 

Each student gave photos, decorating tips, and where they bought their dorm decor at. I thought I would link all of my favorite interviews/ dorm-features below for any freshman or college student looking for decorating ideas & where to buy their decor at! Also, the girls talk about their majors & how they chose their roommates!

Also, if you are a college freshman & have any questions about where to shop & what to bring feel free to email me at as I'm pretty well-versed in college decor--hahaha! 

As Featured on Teen Vogue:

- 'Book Lover's Dorm Decor at Washington & Lee University

This room gave me major Harry Potter & warm vintage vibes--I love her window in her room, but those seeking an old-world cool aesthetic look here! 

-'Dorm Decor at University of Mississippi'

This dorm has luxe and cozy vibes with their gold accents & faux fur ottomans & blankets.

-'DIY Dorm Decor at the University of North Carolina'

Hands down, one of my favorites. This girl & her family went all out with dalmatian temp wallpaper & DIY drapes. Check-it-out!

-'Nautical Theme Dorm Decor'

So, this is Abby's room from the blog, Belle of the Ball 45. Obviously, it's preppy & adorable. I love her navy & yellow color scheme.

-'Texas State University Dorm Decor Transformation

The before & after pertaining to this room is unbelievable! The girls & their moms' did an amazing job. My favorite part about their decorating technique was that they used marble contact paper on their desks & dresser tops--totally gave it a whole new look! 

-'Disney-Themed Dorm Decor at Walnut Hill College'

If you're a Disney kid at heart, you'll love this girl's dorm room.


  1. I LOVE Abby's dorm - her freshman year one has been a favorite of mine, but the latest is pretty as well!!
    - Meg

    1. I know-can't wait to see what she designs this year!!--Katelyn xx

  2. I can't believe it's already time for school again. I feel bad for the kids! Summer isn't over