Call Me: Favorite Stylish & Durable Cell Phone Cases

If you're like me, you realize your cell phone case is an extension of your personality. If you're really like me, you treat your cell phone like it's your baby.

I am not going to lie, I like cell phone cases--but I am extremely picky when it comes to what cases I put on my phone. Style is obviously important to me, but so is safety & protection. I am not into big bulky cases, but can't stand flimsy ones either. However, there are three case brands that I have come to love for both their stylish creations & the durable/protective factors too.

They're Casetify, Case-App {the tough cases}, & LuMee.

Via Casetify {c/o}


Casetify has it going on with their latest name & {24 karat gold cases}gold flake/flower pressed cases--they're so extra! In case you didn't know, the clear name cases {with either flakes of gold, silver, & pearl or glitter} are really trendy with celebrities such as Kylie Jenner & Gigi Hadid. Thus far, I have four that the company has gifted me--two that spells out 'Katelyn' {one with unicorn hue glitter & the other gold flakes}  & the others have pressed flowers/gold flakes with my monogram at the bottom of the case.

Aside from the beautiful case design, they're protective for my phone too-I feel that piece of mind knowing my phone is a good case--mind you--I'm pretty protective with my phone & have a glass shield on the front too.

via LuMee {c/o}


On my iPhone 6s, I had/have the rose gold selfie LuMee case--loved it! The light around the case's front kept a really long charge & had different dim settings. Now, LuMee gifted me their new LuMee Dup Marble Case--this has the lights on the front & now the back of the case too. It's perfect for flat lays, food snaps & so on. Plus, the pink/purple marble swirl is so fun. & Yes, tons of celebrities like Kim Kardashian uses LuMee cases too. 

I also feel like my phone is safe in here. The case its self is bigger/thicker than say a Casetify case, but it's snug inside & the case itself is a hard plastic. 

Case App

I have worked with Case App basically since I started blogging--a lot of bloggers have. Their matte tough iPhone cases {see my favorite blog post of theirs here} are my favorite. Aside from the whimsical illustrations, the tough exterior of their 'tough' cases feels really protective. 

Currently, I have my phone in a Case App tropical matte printed phone case--love it! 

So, what are your go-to case options? I have an Otterbox Symmetry nude case & love that too!  


  1. Soooo cute! I love that your name is on it!


  2. I love Case App, their products are super durable!
    xo, Sydney