But First Peonies...A Look At The 2018 Peonies

When the world is green, lush, & in bloom it makes me feel inspired! Late spring--the start of summer is my favorite time of the year. This year, the annual peonies did not disappoint as they were lovelier than ever!

Sadly, all good things {beautiful blooms} must come to an end. So this post is short on words & long in photos as I wanted to visually document some of the peonies in my yard from this year--I photographed them various times of the day & at various times in bloom--enjoy & Pin alongside me on Pinterest @Katelynachef 

At sunset 

At 'Golden Hour'

Peonies were a big part of this year's Royal Wedding--aside from them being the newly appointed Dutchess' favorite bloom, there were 150 fresh flowers {peonies & roses} adorning the couple's lemon sponge elderflower drizzle cake!  


I also thought it was a nice touch that the couple donated the white foxgloves, roses, and soft-colored peonies that surrounded the entrance of Winsor Chapel {where they kissed} to hospice patients the following day--a bit of flower knowledge for ya.

Please bring me peonies! 

This was the first one that bloomed in 2018


  1. They are the prettiest flower!! I always need to remember to buy more for the house -xo



  2. Gorgeous at all times of day!! I miss them, though - they bloom and die as quick as a wink :( Already looking forward to them next year lol
    -Meghan |livingasunnylife.com