The Modest Hustle: How-To Self Promote if You're a Modest Person

Whether you are a blogger, freelance writer, photographer, aspiring filmmaker, entrepreneur, or artist you already understand that carving your own path is a road full of obstacles & creative adventures--even uncertainties.

However, by doing what you are doing you have also probably realized that the tribulations make up for the occasional trials & {many} moments of self-doubt. If you're like me, a writer, blogger & digital content creator, you have the hardest time when it comes to self-promotion. It's seriously the hardest thing--to talk about yourself!

I consider myself to be a pretty modest-not braggy person, but everyone needs to know how-to {in a healthy way} promote their work--especially if they're self-employed working a creative hustle.

Now, I still get caught in the headlights when some asks 'so what do you do for a living' lol, but with time I have gotten better {my mom is better at it than me, hahah} when it comes to promoting my work & work-related accomplishments.

Here are a few ways I have perfected my "Modest Hustle"

  • Getting Social: Instagram & Twitter are two platforms where I promote my work. Whether it'd be in Stories for anything new I have written on the web & Twitter by tweeting & adding the link to new articles & bigger feature stories. I like to use #s #writersofig, #bookmark, #amwriting. However, those two platforms are not technically 'professional' platforms. That's why I work hard to main & build connections on LinkedIn. 
  • LinkedIn: I use Linked regularly throughout a work week whether this is connecting {sending invite request} to connect with people in the writing, editing, & creative industry. Also, I use the platform to professionally share & link to new projects I have accomplished as well as keep my profile up to date. This way, when someone searches my name or reads one of my posts, they'll be directed to my updated profile. Many of times, people will reach out to me with project proposals & or just to network. 

  • Emails: Cold emails are hard whether you're a freelancer hoping to seek out new opportunities or a blogger just doing your thing. I always try to introduce myself in a friendly manner, what my intent for emailing is, & link to most recent work. So your portfolio, Instagram account (if you're a blogger or photographer}, articles {if you're a writer}, & of course, your blog URL if you have one all can be good links to add. Follow-up emails {if no response in say a week-week 1/2} is always okay in my book. I try to do so in a friendly manner--people are busy & just get buried with emails or they may accidentally delete some--patience in self-promotion is an art form within itself! 
  • Resumes: Today, resumes may seem a bit passé with online portfolios & LinkedIn, but a pretty/polished resume {I like PDFs} to add at the end of an email are still impressive. Not to mention, your resume is still a great way to show off your skills/accomplishments in a professional & humble way. I purchased my resume template {it's pink & white} from an Etsy shop--they have some beautiful options if you're stuck on a design! 

  • Kindness: This may sound weird in hustling 'kindness.' Like what? But honestly, you never know who may reach out to you {or vise versa} with an opportunity--even if the opportunity isn't for you & you decide to turn it down or not reply to an email--you never know if that encounter with that particular person will come again--being nice to people via the internet & emails is essential.!. They'll remember how you treated them in the past which can affect what they tell their friends, families, or future business opportunities down the road. Things change. It's very possible that the one intern who connected with you two years ago via LinkedIn may now be head of communications-brand relations at a major brand or company that you'd love to work with today. 
Above all, if you're proud of the work you're doing & want to share it with the world that doesn't make you a bragger--it makes you a proud human. Why not share it?! 💕💛💕

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  1. It can be super strange to promote yourself- I know exactly where you're coming from! Sounds like you do a good job of balancing that hustle, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Ashley-so glad you can relate! It can be rough, lol-Katelyn

  2. I'm the same way, girl. I find it hard sometimes to promote and network without it constantly being in the back of mind if it comes off as though I'm bragging. Thanks for sharing these tips and your thoughts with us. I hope you have a great weekend!



  3. This is so relatable. Even outside of blogging, it's hard for me to talk highly about myself when people ask. Thanks for all these tips!! Enjoy your weekend!
    - Meghan |

  4. I so needed this! I'm a total introvert and hate putting myself out there! :)