Starry Streamer: What to Stream Next Based on Your Horoscope: Netflix & HULU

Helloo!!! I know I have written posts in the past {& seen other blogger's posts} sharing what they're currently streaming---it's fun, but I want to do it a little differently.

Today, in this post, I have taken 12 of my favorite {both current & off-air shows} on either Netflix & HULU & have paired each show with a zodiac sign...whatever your sign is that is what show I recommend!

Honestly, all of these shows I have enjoyed {at least once over} through the years up to now--I hope you find something worth binging.  💛

  • Aquarius {Jan 20-Feb 18th/ Once upon a Time {Netflix} The shift in Venus & Mars will aline a desire for adventure. Whether you're traveling the seven seas with fierce hook wearing pirates, swimming through mermaid known coves, or exploring enchanted castles nestled inside a dark wood--a bit of magic never hurt anyone. 

  • Pieces {Feb 19-March 20th} / Riverdale {Netflix} Love is a four letter word & with the stars rightly placed by mid-month love will be in your future too. Just look to Jughead, Betty, Archie, & Veronica's past love mistakes--a love triangle of sorts never ends well. 

  • Aries {March 21-April 19th}/Elementary {HULU} The arrival of spring has your deductive skills in full bloom. Researching long pondered mysteries, cold cases, & seeking out answers will have you feeling like a real sleuthing Sherlock Holmes before summer. 

  • Taurus {April 20-May 20th} /Ugly Betty {HULU} Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This month, you'll come to appreciate what makes you really feel beautiful--no makeup, no designer clothes, or fancy shoes--self-worth & confidence is awaiting you. 

  • Gemini {May 21-June 20th} /Reign {Netflix} This month, what once seemed like ancient history is suddenly new & fresh. Who knows, there might even be a king or queen in your future. Just be careful, mysterious forces lurk in the shadows. 

  • Cancer {June 21-July 22nd} /Will & Grace {HULU} The rise of mercury this month may have you all out of sorts, no need to fret--a good long laugh {or two} will do. Be sure to keep your besties close; Will, Grace, Jack, & Karen. 

  • Leo {July 21-August 22nd}/ Younger {HULU} No one does it better than girls. Maybe it's the seasonal allergies or possibly the desire to change, but something new is growing inside of you. Remeber to be truthful & honest with new opportunities. For example, don't lie about your age {right, Liza?!}  

  • Virgo {August 23-Sept 22}/ The Hart of Dixie {Netflix}  Sweet Home Alabama! You're in the mood for front porch lemonade sipp'n, grocery store gossiping, & on the prowl for a possible spring fling! Pack your bags & move down South--this is your month to get out of your comfort zone.  

  • Libra {Sept 23-Oct 22} /Sabrina the Teenage Witch {HULU} The sun's new position in the sky will have you pointing fingers to avoid admitting your own mistakes. Try to resist. After all, you don't have a magic finger like a certain 90s witch to fix bad situations. 

  • Scorpio {Oct 23-Nov 21st} /Gossip Girl {Netflix} Spotted. Your heading to the airport with a pre-summer lust for love, travel, & retail therapy. You can never go wrong escaping to Manhattan or The Hamptons. Xoxo.  

  • Sagittarius {Nov 22-Dec 21st}/ Pretty Little Liars {Netflix} At the end of the month, you'll be inclined to host a 'welcome summer' sleepover with your BFFs in your backyard--whatever you do--keep your friends close. You never know who or A is lurking in the dark.  

  • Capricorn {Dec 22nd-Jan 19th} /90210 (reboot) {Netflix} Hey Beverly Hills! Get your board shorts & tub tops packed--a California vacation is needed to reboot your clarity. I hear the sunsets are to die for....
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  1. I've never seen Ugly Betty before! But i know it's supposed to be really funny :) This was such a cute idea for a post...Happy Monday gf!


  2. I hadn't really looked into horoscopes much until today and to link them to shows is so neat! I'm Taurus... what's yours?
    - Meghan |

  3. I got Riverdale! :) I watched season 1 and loved it so now I'm patiently waiting for season 2!