My Sights Are Set On...Current Crushes

Hello! There are a few things/items as a blogger & overall as someone who likes cute & useful stuff that I have been wanting to share...If you happen to like this let me know & maybe it can be turned into a monthly roundup of sorts.

But anyways let's get to the good stuff!

Megan Carn Pup Prints

I featured Megan's pink poodle print in a Teen Vogue article I wrote for Valentine's Day. About a month later her PR rep asked me to pick a print out. I picked the Bichon as it looks a lot like Bentley who is a Yochon.

Anyways, the color & textures of her art are so fun & right up my alley!

Sound Machine 

Ok. So, I have been using this sound machine since early January. I wanted it to help reduced unsleepy noise at night. At first, I was pretty skeptical & even so when I turned it on for the first time. However, now--I can't fall asleep without it on {Bentley likes it too!} It stays on one setting {although there are multiple noises} that setting is the night crickets. This one is also aesthetically pleasing in my room.

Softer Than Brittle

I am not a candy person, but Softer Than Brittle sent me a box of their 'brittle' bags. Why I am sharing is because it's actually pretty good & reasonably healthy for you in the sense that it's GMO, Dairy, & Gluten Free. It's also vegan which can be useful to know if you're hunting for something that's both sweet & savory!

Palm Springs Vibe

Have you noticed that Palm Springs California has become a hot hub for everything that's cool? The Insta-famous pink door--the owners put a 'no-photographing' sign in their yard because so many people are stopping by! Can't say I blame them--that's rough. With summer on its way & all the PS vibes, I am liking banana prints & fun flamingo things!

Paris 5x5 Photography 

I purchased three of Georgianna Lane's Paris Photography prints from her Etsy shop. They're tiny but so cute. Each one I got had peonies in them, but I think they're perfect for adding to your spring decor. Plus, they're $5.00!


Why did I wait so long to use LinkTree? This tool is a blogger, writer, brand, and anyone who has multiple links to share linked in their Instagram bio best friend! Now, I can link to my blog & any article I have published. It's a great tool!

Make Your Own Ice Coffee

Dunkin Donuts used to run Happy Hour specials...right now, not so much. So, I like the store-bought {in the ice tea section) low calorie/low sugar Starbuck caramel macchiato beverage mixed with almond milk. Of course, a cute tumbler to sip it from is needed too. Ice Cream Tumbler {c/o} /Bewaltz 

So, what are something you're currently loving? 

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  1. This is such a fun roundup of the cutest things! You have the most adorable finds!! I need a puppy print like that of my buddy bear :)

  2. That puppy print is too cute!! I live for the nights in summer when I can crack my window and hear the crickets ; I should get a sound machine for the cooler months! That mug is super cute, too!
    - Meghan |

  3. I use a fan for noise at night, but have been wanting to try a sound machine forever. Does it work pretty well?