Snow Day? Okay!

Snow Day? Okay! The way I see it, you either love a snow day {stuck indoors all & all night} or just the thought drives you to stare-crazy. Me, I fall in-between--I hate it when the weather is so severe that I can't go outside for a brisk walk or anything else---let alone venture out to get the mail.

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However, snow days are magical in a sense that simple daily pleasures--an extra cup of morning coffee, catching that one talk show you can never see, organizing that drawer which has been on your to-list since last year, & catching up with other odds n' ends suddenly becomes a welcomed {refreshinging} possibility.  Yes, that's a snow day.

Still looking for things to do on your snow day? Here's how I keep busy & try to be productive--even if it's for the first few hours!

Projects/Creative Activities 

Tackling 1-to 2 hour activities such as organizing a drawer, cleaning out my makeup holders, & crafting something for spring are all little things I like to tinker with on a snowed-in day. For instance, this ore {yeah, for some reason I wanted an ore, lol} was navy & red--I took a snow day and turned the red stripes pink!

My pink-painted ore 

Aspen--my Christmas present--I asked for a Dalmatian & well, next time I need to be more Specific! 

Motivation & Reads 

Blogs & other online magazines come in pretty handy on snowy afternoons. Here, it's fun to browse recipes, spring outfits, & crafts you'd like to try. Need a place to start? I wrote a 'Hygge' cozy decor essentials article for Teen Vogue--all items/ideas are spot-on for a snow day! {see Here}

Watching Sex & the City The Movie

Re-Visit Friendly Faces--TV Shows 

Netflix & HULU are no-brainers in bitterly cold weather--however, I recommend re-visiting shows that you once loved, but haven't been on the air in years. Recently, I did this with my {ALL time} favorite show, Ugly Betty. It's been kind-of eye-opening to watch now as in high school/college  {when I originally watched} I was an 'aspiring writer.' However, now, working as a writer watching Betty's journey means something entirely new to me. Yes, Ugly Betty is on HULU.  Oh, & here, I am watching SATC 1 which I always feel makes a good winter movie as it starts off it the summer & ends in the springtime!

Hot Chocolate 

This is probably the second no-brainer, but hot chocolate. Today is the day for a warm, frosty, whip-cream infused cup! I like this recipe from Epicurious as it's relatively healthy.

So, how do you like to spend your snow days? Follow me on Instagram @katelynchef


  1. I love to spend my snow days with cozy tea and hot chocolate and a good book. I especially love it when they end with a walk in the snow! Also, pajamas all day are a must. Enjoy your day! xAllie

  2. Wish we had snow days here...any excuse to miss work, right?! :) Have a great week!


  3. I love a good snow day- we actually had one today in KC because we're in the middle of a weird ice storm!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Ugh, Ashley--I am so ready for the snow and ice to hit the road!-Katelyn =)

  4. So much envy! I'm in Canada and we've had so much rain the past few days that all the snow is gone. I'm dying for a snow day!

    Felicity |

  5. You are always so adorable and happy! I love it! How did you get those doughnuts to perfectly match your sweatshirt?? :)