DIY Velvet Bows

I know you've seen them--especially this past holiday season--velour/velvet hair bows/clips. Yes, they're super cute-chic, but also surprisingly super expensive!

What's even more surprising is that you can DIY at least four velour bows for the price of one--that's what I did! & Here, I'll give you the skinny on how to do so too!

So, {side track here} I did an Instagram Poll if I should do a post sharing how to make these & over 80% percent said yes--which is great, I guess the four no's don't like bows lol or don't care, but what did tee-me-off a bit was that I saw my cousin {we're not so close as we were when we were kids but still follow each other on IG}voted 'no.'

I was kind of just like, {to myself} if you can't spread good vibes/ support to family in whatever way you can--just don't bother. Maybe, it's just me, but sometimes if there is an IG poll & I feel no is the answer I just don't vote because IDK feel bad or something--not that I feel bad about getting no's but from a family member I just think it's a bit rude--lol oh well...moving on...

Okay so enough rambling {just keeping it real} here's how you make these bows--it's so easy!

P.S I linked to a few of the supplies in pink.


💗 Supplies:

-Velour Ribbon {I went with colors I can use for spring--but pick what you like} Here's a thicker black option 

-Barret Clips

-Hot Glue Gun

- {Optional} Buttons for Accents

💖 Method:

It's pretty basic, take two pieces of ribbon with the second strand slightly shorter than the first--you can measure, but I just eyeballed it in comparison to the size of the hair clip.

Centering the longer strip glue velour side down in line with hair clip & loop up to glue your two loops together--they should evenly meet in the middle of the clip & the velour part should now be facing upward. Think of it like a kiss--the two ends touching is where you adhere to the clip for the second time.

Repeat this step with the shorter, adhering it to your first strip of ribbon--the loop/bow should be shorter than the bottom strand.

two pieces of ribbon one slightly shorter than the bottom piece

Lastly, I cut a small stripe & glue over top {around the back} where the two loops/ bows have met/kissed--so it looks polished & neat. If you want, you can add a button {I did two golds} for an extra touch of glam.

Ta-da!  Follow me on IG {@katelynchef} for more pics & yeah maybe a poll or two, haha 💛


  1. Oh, how cute is this?! You always share the cutest DIY's, girl! I'll have to keep this mind, as I'd love to make some for Aviah especially because sometimes, I can't find specific colors I want for her. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great week!

    XO ,


  2. Cute idea.

  3. Love these bows - such a cute idea! I've taken the week off from blogging as a whole since I've been on vacation, but I've missed reading all your posts!
    Until next time,
    Meghan |

    1. ah, hey girl! it's good to take a break--see ya soon!--Katelyn

  4. This is so easy and cute! I like them better than the store bought ones :)