Hocus Pocus: Last Minute Halloween Inspiration

Hey, it's Halloween-In a few days if you're reading this now & if was already Halloween--hey, this will be an inspiration for next year.... gotta plan ahead, am I right!?

So, quickly, I thought to do a fun roundup of a few Halloween/seasonal recipes & ideas I am currently loving.

A few of the ideas/articles I am referring & linking to I actually wrote. The ones I wrote you'll see two **--so you'll know it's all me!

Feel free to share your fall favorites too-I always need ideas.

Halloween {Last Minute} Inspiration 

  • **Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes 2017 {Martha Stewart} Here's a hint, pumpkins are big--even for pets. 
  • **Easy Pop Culture Halloween DIY Costumes: {Domino}If you love certain popular  DIY and fashion bloggers you'll love this Halloween costume roundup! 
  • **90,000 Pumpkins Recreate ''The Wizard of Oz'' at the Dallas Arboretum This Fall  {Martha Stewart} This post is visually magical if you like pumpkins 
  • **Pumpkin Planters: This post is a twist on seasonal succulents and flower pots using PUMPKINS as planters--creative right? {Martha Stewart}
  • Apple Chips Recipe {Martha Stewart} Store-bought apple chips are pretty unhealthy, but this recipe looks pretty good & healthy too--natural 
  • A Fantastic Halloween {Classy Girls Wear Pearls} Even though this blog post/Sarah Vicker's blog post is a few year's back, I think the 'Mr. & Mrs. Fox' costume idea is super cute!  >More see #2 above<
  • Hocus Pocus: Healthy Halloween Treat {Lauren Conrad} I'm not really a big candy & sweet person--which is why I think this article offers both a creative & healthy spin on Halloween 'candy.' 


  1. I always laugh, because I don't worry much about my costume- it's all about my pup!! If he's dressed cute than I consider that a win for both of us :)

  2. I'm still stumped on a Halloween costume, so I need to read all the articles of inspiration I can ;)

    Meghan | prepsterinpearls.com

  3. Hmmm...healthy Halloween treats. I'll have to take a peek, even though I'm a total sugar addict! Always good to try something new and healthy though :) Happy weekend girl!