Writing Wednesday Edition # 3: Media Kits 101

If you're a blogger & even a writer you may have heard of media kits...or already have one. I thought it'd be useful for me to elaborate {my personal knowledge/option} on media kits, share what you should include in yours as well as give you an example with mine.

What's a media kit?

Basically, a media kit is a run down of you, your blog, & social media stats. Think of it as a resume for your online profile aka your blog/website.

My front page media kit 

Who should have a media kit? 

Media kits can be useful for bloggers, online businesses/brands, & even writer/freelancers.

Media Kit 101 💚

What should I put in my media kit?

Personally, I had some idea of what I should put in a media kit, but I found this article by Melyssa Griffin called, How & Why to Create a Media Kit for Your Blog to be really helpful {if you want to check it out}.  But here's what I have in mine:

  • Blog title
  • Photos from my blog
  • Web address & email
  • My blog's mission statement 
  • Social media stats
  • Blog stats {unique monthly visitors, Blog Lovin followers, & so on
  • A few my past collaborations/campaigns

Where to get a media kit?

Personally, I made mine in Word, but you can buy instant downloads to tweak to your own preference too. I think this one from Etsy Shop, By Stephanie Design, is really pretty & professional. However, just make sure your kit is an extension of you...the color, font, text, & overall appearance.  You don't have to spend a fortune, just a bit of time & creativity to make it speak for yourself.

What to do with your kit?

Well, if you're a blogger when pitching to brands you'd like to work with it could be useful to include the kit in your email. Sometimes, brands ask for one & other times they don't. Also, if you're a freelancer, you can include your media/writing kit to show/link to sites you've been published & other unique virtual projects you have done in the past.

There's no right or wrong way to create a media kit--just be yourself & your light will shine through!

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  1. This was so helpful Katelyn! I love all your colorful photos in this blog post and your pineapple phone case!

    xo, Nika

  2. A media kit is so necessary! I can't believe it took me so long to finally make one. But I think I need to buy a template since mine isn't as professional looking as I'd like hehe


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