bACK to School Advice

While summer is still here {I'm not one to rush the best season} many, however, are headed, back to school. Possibly, starting school/college for the first time.

While it's been a minute since I forever hung up my school ID I thought to share advice {particuarly helpful for freshman} that I learned during my four university years.

It's okay if you & your roommate aren't best friends

I think there's a stereotype, about roommates, you have to be besties. In fact, there's a lot of pressure for you two not to be. Relax, the two of you may be best of friends or you just may not be. That's okay! Personally, my first semester I had two {I asked to switch midway} & they were both nightmares in different ways...honestly, I was so happy to live alone my second semester I never looked back.  In reality, your friends will come from different groups you join & shared classes.

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Ask for help:

Asking for help sounds easy, but many don't. In fact, most {if not all} college have a student success center where extra help can be given. It's also good to note, not every class will be your favorite {or you just may have not-the-best professor} taking advantage of the upper classmen assigned as the class tutor will do wonders.

Dorm Decor:

I'm definitely a believer in making your dorm comfy, cozy, & homey, but there's a but. At first, I wouldn' go too crazy with over-the-top decor, accessories, & electronics. Kind-of go with the basics {maybe a bit more 😜} & survey the situation. You can always bring up more of what you need at a later point. & be practical! Things that multi-function are the best. Actually, I have a Domino article 'Small Space Essential for Your Tiny Dorm Room' that goes in-depth!

To drop or not drop a class?: 

Dropping classes sounds like a bad thing, but in some cases, it's a must do kind-of-thing. & No, you aren't a terrible student for doing so. Basically, I was Dean's List all the way through, but in the beginning of a semester, if I truly felt like this class or professor wasn't right for me--I dropped it--found something else. Hey, I am here & it turned out A-okay!


This goes with anything & everything in the world--there are good & {um....} not-so-good professors out there. I hope everyone has the opportunity to have either an advisor or professor who really inspires them, motivates them, or even recommends them for jobs & internships. If you get a few ripe advice is to get through the class & don't sign up for anything they're teaching again.

Don't limit yourself:

I made this mistake--don't limit yourself or stay stuck in the past {aka high school}. Now is the time to venture out, explore, try new hobbies, think about new interests & interact with new people. Your high school friends will be back for holiday breaks. In the meantime, explore life past your hometown & high school hay-days. Above all, be smart & be safe!

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  1. These are great tips! I'll stick to them when starting uni this fall!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  2. Great tips lovely!! I am not at school but these will help a lot of girls that are starting now! Happy Sunday x