When it Doubt, Pink-It Out: How to Stay Positive

Naturally, any day there's ups & downs. At times, it often feels as if there are more downs than ups--but here's a secret, positivity goes a long way.

A few years back, I promised myself to think more positive & up beat opposed to negative & bad vibes--thus far, it has worked.

While trials still mingle with tribulations, I have found it easier to move past negative people &  bad outcomes by remaining positive--focusing on things that make me happy. Mainly, they're small things, but small things lead to big things right?

Here are a few ways I remain positive:

- Exercise. Daily exercise motivates me to rise early & start my day with a jolt of energy. After I'm done, I feel more awake to power through the day.

-Look forward to something. Usually, it's something small, but I always try to keep at least one thing in my mind to look forward to. Now, it's September 28th--the revival of NBC's Will & Grace.

- Fun sayings. Lately, I have been browsing Pinterest & pinning a few #girlboss quotes I find to be up lifting. Like this one saying, "Happiness is an inside job." #bossbabe

-Acceptance. No longer do I succumb to comparing myself with other bloggers, friends, or other's lives. It's just not healthy or worth it to say well she's doing this or they have x number of followers. It's as hard to keep that mind stance all the time, but learning {training your mind to think in a different/positive way} to be happy for other's accomplishments is satisfying in a grown kind-of way.
You know, let light out & light will shine back in-- that type of thing.

-Blogging. Blogging is something I really enjoy--it allows me 100% creative freedom which leads to this flamingo-inspired gingham #ootd. This gingham {low country}top is from Collyn Raye. You know, I love color & gingham--Luckily, Collyn Raye's clothes are just that--youthful, fun, preppy, & happy.

P.S. Hydrangeas make me very happy...I stock up over the summer with photographs to look at all winter long!

Be sure to leave your self-happy tips & tricks in the comment section & follow me on IG @Katelynchef {as I tend to post all things colorful & cheerful} 💛


  1. I loved all your tips Katelyn! I also look through Pinterest for some motivation :))

    P.S. I love how your gingham top matches the hydrangeas!

    Xo, Nika

  2. First of all, love this cute pink look and all the accessories! Second, this post is perfect! Definitely needed it :)

    Lauren Lindmark | http://dailydoseofcharm.com

  3. I loved this post - I always find myslef looking forward to things as well, which I feel like helps a lot! Your gingham shirt is too cute, as well!
    Xoxo, Meghan