Writing Wednesday Edition #2

Happy Writing Wednesday Edition #2. In case you don't know what this is...it's a new blog monthly feature where I am sharing various ideas, tips, & other writing related topics/advice for those wishing to pursue writing as either a career or side-hustle.

As a writer in a competitive career field, I do believe in Creativity over  Competition even though it's easier said than done {which is why I wanted to start this series}.

But if you're hoping to become a journalist naturally interviewing skills {& composing creative/interesting questions} are an important skill to perfect.

When I first started blogging, I did a lot of little interviews ranging from bloggers to creative companies that I was interested in. I'm glad I started this way because it has to lead to me becoming more confident in interviewing others in my other writing roles. I usually start with five questions--as it's easy for the interviewee to answer, short and sweet for the readers as well as a great start for beginners. Although, I still like to stick to 5-7 questions.

Going back to my original blogging roots, I am sharing a bit of what Natalia, an Instagram fashion illustrator has to say about her craft!

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1. What is it about fashion Bloggers that inspires you to draw them?

Natalia: It's always different things. Sometimes I love their style in overall, sometimes it's just some mood on the picture, I'm not sure.

2. How'd you get started illustrating?

N: I've been on my maternity leave and I've always wanted to draw. So I started to do it just for the pleasure. But now this is my passion and my work that I love!

3. Thus far, do you have a favorite illustration?

N: I'm not sure.

4. Do you have a favorite blog, a blogger that you follow?

N: I think at the moment @aclotheshorse and @allthatisshe are my favorite.

Keep up with her here & here on the 'gram!


  1. Love her work! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jennifer

  2. Love her illustration of you! So excited to see more Writing Wednesdays!