Spectacles You'll Love: ft Coastal Eyewear

Remember as a kid, you had pens, pencils, & even underwear {lol}that had the different days of the week stamped on them...cute right? If you're like me & love stylish eyewear, but feel as if it's a luxury to own more than two pairs of prescription spectacles then it remains just that--a luxury.

Until recently, I was lucky enough to discover Coastal. An online spectacle retailer specializing in stylish eyewear from glasses to sunglasses.

{reader note, this post was sponsored by Coastal. However, it remains important to say, all ideas and opinions are truthful & my own}

bag (c/o) True Tropic-Chelsea Tote & pearl ring {similar} here 

the lens quality is amazing--Advance Thin Air Lenses

I know what you're thinking, another online eye retailer--but honestly, there's something so cool about Coastal--going back to the items for each day of the week...Coastal has introduced a spectacular {nice pun, right?}  eyewear collection, Main + Central.

What's Main + Central? It's an eyeglass lovers' dream...I mean it's a new way to own/wear multiple frames at an affordable, eco-friendly, &  wallet-friendly method.

In their own words here's what Main + Central is all about,

"Coastal’s newest and most extensive brand to date features 6 popular styles in 3 sizes and 4 best-selling hues, all made from the biodegradable acetate that can be returned & recycled. Now, we invite you to try Main + Central glasses for yourself."
Don't think that because the frames are lower price point means that they're not durable. In fact, they're designed to be long lasting. However, when you're ready to move onto a new style they can be return & recycled. You'll even get a $5 credit toward your next pair!

I've always wanted clear frames & clearly {last pun, promise}I am wearing a pair of clear frames. Actually, this hexagon shape is called, Thursday, Crystal in a size medium. For each style, the have Small, Medium, & Large sizes--I like larger frames since I have a more pear shaped face, but it's up to you.

Aside from the color, a line of gold {I guess it's a wire} can be seen on the side of the frame which makes the specs look really sharp. 

I am always thinking about my next pair of frames & I love the Wednesday ones in the clear brown hue--so pretty--especially for fall.  I'd even be tempted to size up to a large!

& One last tip, I have been weary about buying glasses online--it's pretty hard right? But here, honestly, I found it so simple as Coastal provides shoppers with multi-angle pictures featured on both men & women {this new line is unisex} so I was able to get a feel for what I thought would work well for my face shape.

If you pick the wrong pair for your face you can exchange them! But so you don't have to do so here's how to determine your face shape.

The website, The Beauty Department has a really handy graphic for you to walk through & determine what your face shape is...super easy & really helpful. You can view the graphic here.

Also, Coastal has their own guide to picking frames to pair with your face shape {frame size, face shape, frame color, & frame details} right here

For new frame releases {& beautiful eyeglass flat lays} follow Coastal on Instagram & Twitter @Coastaldotcom #Seeclearly 


  1. How cute are those glasses? I adore that pretty lip color too. You always look so happy and cheery! :)



  2. Those glasses look so fab and stylish! I love how creatively you have taken the pictures, looks so fun! :)

  3. These frames look so good on you! I've never thought about clear frames but they are so fun!

  4. Love those glasses! I swear you always have the cutest eyewear!! Also love that ruffle top :)

    Lauren Lindmark | http://dailydoseofcharm.com

  5. It is so cool that you can return the glasses and they get recycled! I love that idea. Hope your week is super fab! xoxo


  6. These frames are super cute on you! I love that they're both durable and affordable. I have a very round face so I always have THE toughest time finding glasses and sunglasses. Their guide for what kind of glasses I need was helpful!