Seeing Clearly ft. Phonetic Computer Eyewear

It's no illusion that I like--rather--love eyeglasses--really I'd be lost without them. Okay, more like blind, but basically, the same thing. 😎

Which leads me to my favorite post of the month {drum roll} a new eyewear post ft Phonetic Computer Eyewear.

Lucy Cuneo Cell Phone Case 

Basically, what sets Phonetic Computer Eyewear apart is that their lens protects your eyes from computer strain--which at first I was does this work & does it?

{Note the eyeglasses worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine} 
But after wearing these specs {within a day} I noticed a huge difference--my eyes weren't as heavy nor tired after looking at my screen throughout the day--being a blogger is one thing, but a writer--always writing at my desk these glasses are heaven sent, lol.  ðŸ’œ

My frames are called August frames & they're like a clear, purple, pink, lucite with solid black sides-totally, I am obsessed with these!!

"Reduces transmission of violet/blue light, thereby reducing eyestrain and improving visual clarity while viewing computer screens, tablets, and other digital devices"--Phonetic Computer Eyewear 

The fun thing is that you can get their specs in prescription, non-prescription, & readers --all with the same goal to help your eyes from digital strain.

August Frames 

To learn more about the lens technology you can read that here & you can shop their frames here.

I am already wanting another pair & really love the fact that the frames {of these particular ones} capture different lights & colors--so, they're never really the same color....💜💙💗

Cora Rose Gold Jord Wood Watch 

Keep up with Phonetic on Twitter & Instagram for deals, discounts, as well as updates---of course, all opinions are my own--Thank You {so much} Phonetic!


  1. Is that a watermelon clutch?? SO cute! You always have the best accessories -xo


  2. Those glasses look so good on you, girlie! I love the pink frames, perfect for spring and summer! Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead!



  3. How interesting- I'm on a computer alllll day, so I wonder if I could benefit from these!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. as someone who works on my computer ALL day I definitely need to look into these!! My eyes are so tired by the end of the workday!

  5. Wow those sound awesome! I must try them out. Plus they are super cute! :)


  6. That's nice that you can wear something functional AND cute! I mean!!

    Jessica |

  7. Oh these are cute glasses, even better they help when you use the computer a lot. I could do with something like that for when I go back tot eh office and will be on the computer all day!

    Hope you are having a lovely week.

    Away From The Blue Blog