Gone Coastal: Bosom Buddy Bags

Hey there, lovelies. Whether you are on Instagram or shopping at your fav department store, straw bags are definitely hot this summer. I have purchased a few & have admired many with tassels & pom-poms alike, but none really compare to the {mostly} online retailer, Bosom Buddy Bags.

Bosom Buddy Bags 

These sunnies are linked below
Bosom Buddy Bags is a business ran out of the Baltimore, MD area & their motto is,

''Handbags as extraordinary as the women who carry them."

If you haven't seen a Bosom Buddy Bag-you're missing out. These straw bags are adorned with trims, ribbons, & much more. Each bag is unique as well as has a touch of a 'gone coastal vibe.'

BBB gifted The Yellow Spectacles with one of their nautical bags, Sailboat on Vertical for the likes of this post. I am kind-a in love with this bag!

I linked below to a few coastal favs below--the Lilly perfume honestly, smells so good!

Sailboat Vertical Bag {Nautical}
What I like {Love!} about this bag is that it isn't made from flimsy straw material-it's really solid & although its 'small' it is built like a bucket bag-meaning, it is deep!

Also, the inside of the bag is lined & has a draw string at the top to seal in all of your belongings.

Obviously, the bag's trim-the gold sailboat adornment & navy n' pink ribbon really takes this bag to the next level.  As the season transition into the next-so does the styles & embellishments of the BBB brand/merchandise. It is also an option for shoppers to customize their bag so it is 100% unique to their personal style.

I really like pairing this bag w/ the navy n' white Jack Roger-see the below
While, BBB has a vast selection of nautical themed bags-they have all sorts-from stripes to their signature Bee emblem.  & Yes, like the variety of bag themes they carry--all of their bags come in various sizes too.

Visiting BBB's site, it's like a preppy one-stop-shop as they have jewelry & wallets as well.

The even better news is that they have $5.00 Priority Mail shipping on all orders!

So, have you embraced the summer's straw bag trend?

& Explore BBB's beautiful bags on their social feeds: Instagram/ Twitter/ Blog/ FB /Pinterest. Share your BBB affection with #lovemybbbag @bosombuddybags


  1. These bags are such a cute take on bucket bags! You look so pretty in these photos!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  2. Is this not THEEEE cutest tote pretty much ever?! Love every single thing about it! The bow is amazing!



  3. Is this not THEEEE cutest tote pretty much ever?! Love every single thing about it! The bow is amazing!



  4. Such a cute bag! I have been really loving straw bags this year as well. Also, I love your outfit in this post!

    xo, Natalie


  5. Oh we're so twinning today! I also posted a polka dot outfit on my blog! Loving that polka dot bag!

    Have a fab day Katelyn!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  6. This bag is sooo perfect for summer vacation, and I love the big bow on it! Your polka dot sweater is adorable as well.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  7. The bag is so cute!!!


  8. This is the cutest! I've been eyeing so many straw bags and they have for sure been the first things on my wish list and this one is so darling!


  9. Your bag is really beautiful!

    DadieB. ~